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    File originally posted on 12/16/2009 8:54 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 12/16/2009 8:54 AM PST

    jen_is_jennah (11/17/06 8:53:46 PM): how old r u?
    davekruz2003 (11/17/06 8:53:48 PM): 23
    davekruz2003 (11/17/06 8:53:49 PM): u?
    jen_is_jennah (11/17/06 8:53:54 PM): im 13
    davekruz2003 (11/17/06 8:54:38 PM): am i too old for ya?
    jen_is_jennah (11/17/06 8:54:45 PM): na
    davekruz2003(11/17/06 8:55:05 PM): are u close to jacksonville?
    jen_is_jennah (11/17/06 8:55:12 PM): not too far
    davekruz2003 (11/17/06 8:55:22 PM): thats cool
    jen_is_jennah (11/17/06 8:56:28 PM): so wats up
    davekruz2003 (11/17/06 8:56:41 PM): not much, just chillin
    davekruz2003 (11/17/06 8:56:44 PM): u?
    jen_is_jennah (11/17/06 8:57:40 PM): same
    davekruz2003 (11/17/06 8:58:29 PM): what u wanna know about me?
    jen_is_jennah (11/17/06 8:58:43 PM): umm r u dave?
    davekruz2003 (11/17/06 8:58:50 PM): yes
    jen_is_jennah (11/17/06 8:58:59 PM): cool im jennah
    davekruz2003 (11/17/06 8:59:06 PM): nice to meet u
    jen_is_jennah (11/17/06 8:59:21 PM): nice ta meetcha too
    davekruz2003 (11/17/06 8:59:34 PM): so, what all u wanna know about me?
    jen_is_jennah (11/17/06 9:00:16 PM): idk lol
    jen_is_jennah (11/17/06 9:00:19 PM): r u nice?
    davekruz2003 (11/17/06 9:00:34 PM): i think so
    davekruz2003 (11/17/06 9:00:35 PM): lol
    jen_is_jennah (11/17/06 9:00:49 PM): k lol
    davekruz2003 (11/17/06 9:01:42 PM): i might be a psycho killer though
    Yes, you may very well be.

    If we were going to advocate belief in the concept of destiny, this would be an example. David John Wagner narrowly avoided arrest in our Darke County, Ohio sting in March of 2006. He chatted with a contributor there to the point of arranging a meet, but he no-showed. Some time within the next several months, he was relocated to Florida for work. His serial predator ways accordingly got him arrested during our Flagler Beach sting in December of the same year.

    Then, while out on bail pending resolution to this case, he got right back online and solicited another kid. Except this time, it wasn't a decoy, it was a real child. He was thankfully arrested for this in Jacksonville, Florida and then had two cases pending against him. Our evidence was also requested to be used as part of the Jacksonville case. For that case, he was sentenced to 7 years in prison and 3 years probation after pleading guilty. For the Flagler case, he pled no contest and received a sentence of 5 years in prison with registration as a sex offender.

    Contributor notes from Irish Rose
    David Wagner contacted my 13-year-old persona during an operation in Flagler Beach Florida. He was very persistent in his attempts to meet and was vulgarly clear regarding his intentions to have sex with the \"child\". He also showed a picture of himself nude in his IM window, and tried to convince the \"child\" to do things to herself to prepare herself for what he wanted to do with her. It is frightening that he planned to take her away with him. He wanted to take her back to his home to spend the weekend, without her family's knowledge. When the \"child\" finally gave in to his repeated requests to meet, it was Chris Hansen and Dateline cameras waiting for him. The most important thing was that Flagler Beach police were there as well, because this time it was not a real child he was chatting with. Very sadly, while he was out on bail and awaiting the results of the proceedings of this arrest, he was back in the chat rooms, and the next time it was a real child he targeted.

    While the Flagler Beach case was going through the system, David Wagner was back in the chat rooms again, but this time he was chatting with a real child. In May of 2007 he was arrested again in Duval County for offenses involving this real child. The prosecutor in Duval asked for my evidence in support of their case. He was sentenced in March of 2009 to 7 years in state prison, followed by 3 years of probation and has to register as a sex offender for two charges of charges of lewd or lascivious battery, and tampering with a witness, victim or informant. For his guilty plea they dropped the charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor in that case.

    In August of 2009 Wagner was then convicted in the Flagler Beach case. The charges in this case were computer pornography and child exploitation, transmission of harmful material to a minor, and attempted lewd, lascivious battery sex with a victim 12-15 years old. He was sentenced to 5 years in prison on this case and designated as a sexual offender.

    Van deCamp has my thanks for her excellent work as the phone verifier on this case.

    This is our 497th conviction since June of 2004, our 192nd conviction for 2009, and our 36th conviction in Florida thus far.