• Conviction - sebastian_for_u - Stockton, California

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    File originally posted on 11/10/2009 9:15 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 11/10/2009 9:15 PM PST

    willowfilipino (08/25/06 8:43:46 PM): did u get the food stuff?
    sebastian_for_u (08/25/06 8:43:48 PM): me too
    sebastian_for_u (08/25/06 8:44:03 PM): yes
    willowfilipino (08/25/06 8:44:15 PM): did u get somethin to drink too? :)
    sebastian_for_u (08/25/06 8:44:23 PM): yes
    willowfilipino (08/25/06 8:44:46 PM): whatd u get? :)
    sebastian_for_u (08/25/06 8:45:03 PM): the meat
    willowfilipino (08/25/06 8:45:11 PM): no no i mean to drink
    sebastian_for_u (08/25/06 8:45:12 PM): avocados
    Everything about these guys is gross, but sometimes in ways they didn't quite mean.
    Norberto Avalos was a talented internet predator. He could IM while driving 100 mph down the freeway, and he liked to make food. He showed up at our Petaluma TCAP sting operation with bags upon bags of groceries and a webcam. And condoms, of course. He was arrested and later sentenced to three years in prison and RSO status. After he serves his spell in prison, he'll be deported.

    Contributor notes from Xavier Von Erck
    There are some predators you feel a strong antipathy towards, whether it's for an especially heinous chat or post-arrest lies. Others, you're more ambivalent about. Norberto Avalos was definitely the latter. Not that he's a good guy, he's not, he's a bad guy, but he just didn't stick in the mind as especially notable. He had a nice house, webcammed in his car and liked cooking. Meh.

    Though after reading his chat, I was impressed anew at his ability to type and drive. The guy literally cammed while driving 100 miles per hour, which is serious dedication.

    Avalos was one of seven individuals who arrived at the Petaluma sting operation while talking to me. A couple weeks later, another guy with a Sebastian screen-name would hit me up during the Long Beach sting operation. So, if you're talking to a guy that goes by Sebastian online, more than likely he wants to have sex with children. Sorry to any Sebastians out there reading this, your name doesn't have a good track record with us :)

    This is our 410th conviction since June of 2004, our 106th conviction for 2009, and our 110th conviction in California thus far.