• Conviction - dragonhighlord19 - Chesterfield, Michigan

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 11/18/2010 1:17 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 11/18/2010 1:17 PM PST

    dragonhighlord19 (02/21/08 11:15:57 PM): u there?
    crymeeariver (02/21/08 11:16:02 PM): yeah
    dragonhighlord19 (02/21/08 11:16:09 PM): what u doin
    crymeeariver (02/21/08 11:16:54 PM): nothin just waitin for u
    crymeeariver (02/21/08 11:17:46 PM): what r u doin still lookin at boobs>?
    dragonhighlord19 (02/21/08 11:19:32 PM): no no boobs to look at
    crymeeariver (02/21/08 11:19:41 PM): lol
    dragonhighlord19 (02/21/08 11:21:55 PM): cause u wont show lol
    crymeeariver (02/21/08 11:22:29 PM): lol u dont wanna see mine anyway
    dragonhighlord19 (02/21/08 11:22:39 PM): sure i do why do u say that
    crymeeariver (02/21/08 11:23:12 PM): there not big enough
    dragonhighlord19 (02/21/08 11:23:28 PM): a naked girl is a naked girl
    But soliciting an adult \"girl\" doesn't get you on the sex offender registry, Eric.

    Eric fits the definition of creepy, not only soliciting the decoy for sex and naked pictures, but he frequently linked her to hardcore pornography despite the fact that he believed she was a child. He did not show up to our bust house, however, believing that he was too intelligent for Michigan police. He didn't realize what many loyal PeeJ readers know by now: You don't solicit children in Michigan. The Michigan AG's office WILL come after you. A couple of months after he cut off contact with the decoy, he was arrested. His case moved quickly through the system, and he pled guilty.

    He was convicted of two counts of using the internet or a computer for a crime, and he received one year in jail, two additional years probation with a very long list of restrictions. Most importantly, he will remain on the Michigan sex offender registry until 2033.

    The contributor for this log was SunnyD.

    This is our 516th conviction since June of 2004 and our 16th conviction for 2010.