• Conviction - darthkaveli - Las Vegas, Nevada

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    File originally posted on 4/26/2016 1:40 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 4/26/2016 1:40 PM PST

    darthkaveli (05/09/11 7:54:34 PM): yeah i can go to new york anytime actually
    katierella1013 (05/09/11 7:54:40 PM): really, how?
    darthkaveli (05/09/11 7:54:52 PM): the casino new york new york
    katierella1013 (05/09/11 7:54:57 PM): oh lolz, ur funny
    katierella1013 (05/09/11 7:55:07 PM): i thught u had like magic powers n could magic yourself there lolz
    katierella1013 (05/09/11 7:55:09 PM): j/k ;)
    darthkaveli (05/09/11 7:55:17 PM): wellllll maybe i do
    katierella1013 (05/09/11 7:55:23 PM): lolz, thatd sure be cool
    darthkaveli (05/09/11 7:55:37 PM): yeah cus id be where u r if i could
    katierella1013 (05/09/11 7:55:45 PM): awwww u would?
    darthkaveli (05/09/11 7:55:51 PM): yeah
    katierella1013 (05/09/11 7:55:54 PM): thats so sweet of u.. i'd love that
    darthkaveli (05/09/11 7:56:07 PM): yeah
    katierella1013 (05/09/11 7:56:13 PM): what else would u do with your magic powers/
    darthkaveli (05/09/11 7:56:25 PM): wellllll
    katierella1013 (05/09/11 7:56:32 PM): mmm-hmmmm???? lolz
    darthkaveli (05/09/11 7:56:40 PM): u know what im thinkin huh
    katierella1013 (05/09/11 7:57:01 PM): lolz... well i dunno, coz im not telepathyic or whatever that word is lolz
    katierella1013 (05/09/11 7:57:03 PM): so u gotta tell me
    katierella1013 (05/09/11 7:57:10 PM): ;;) lolz
    darthkaveli (05/09/11 7:57:17 PM): u jus want me to tell u
    katierella1013 (05/09/11 7:57:29 PM): yeah, im not much good at guessing games anyways lol
    darthkaveli (05/09/11 7:57:48 PM): welll lets jus say its sexual

    John P. Gurrola would choose the ability to molest a minor female as his superpower? He'd not solve the problem of world hunger, unrest in the Middle East, or any other current social issue? He'd not even use it for the ability to make a metric assload of money for himself and his family? No, he wants the ability to rape minor children. That's a special kind of evil right there.

    Gurrola was arrested in Nevada on a warrant out of Utah for his chat with Camille Bloch. He got to experience jail life and is now a registered sex offender.

    This is our 606th conviction since June of 2004.