• Conviction - mlchatellier - Metarie, Louisiana

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    File originally posted on 10/18/2013 5:18 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 10/18/2013 5:18 PM PST

    bayouboy924 (10/16/09 12:47:34 AM): the only prob u can get us in trouble
    isabella_rawx (10/16/09 12:47:51 AM): how am i gonna do that?
    bayouboy924 (10/16/09 12:48:12 AM): if we saty something sexy to u
    bayouboy924 (10/16/09 12:48:30 AM): say
    isabella_rawx (10/16/09 12:48:39 AM): im not a baby i do what i want
    bayouboy924 (10/16/09 12:48:46 AM): k
    bayouboy924 (10/16/09 12:49:05 AM): but if u get mad and report an older guy
    isabella_rawx (10/16/09 12:49:35 AM): dood im not gonna tell anybody what i do on here or my mom will take my puter away
    isabella_rawx (10/16/09 12:49:41 AM): im not riskin that

    But yet he did.

    We've had law enforcement officers arrested and convicted before, so Michael L. Chatellier isn't necessarily unique in that regard. What is unique about Chatellier is that he had just been released from serving two years in prison for solicitation of a minor and 68 counts of child pornography when he solicited our decoy.

    Michael L. Chatellier was an Orleans Parish criminal sheriff's deputy when he was arrested on his original charges of solicitation and child pornography. Thankfully, in that case there was another law enforcement officer on the other end of the chat box, not a real child. He was a registered sex offender as a result of that conviction.

    When Chatellier hit up our decoy and solicited her for sex, we contacted local law enforcement. Chatellier was arrested and charged with five counts of indecent behavior with a juvenile, two counts of computer aided solicitation of a minor, three counts of sex offender registration violations and 116 counts of possession of pornography involving juveniles.

    Louisiana doesn't mess around with sentences! This time, Chatellier was sentenced to 12 years at hard labor. I'm sure Louisiana has some swamps that need dredging, or some big rocks that want to be little rocks.

    Our thanks to the Louisiana State Police for getting this predator back where he belongs.

    This is our 563rd conviction since June of 2004.