• Conviction - toddgetrdone - Lousiville, Kentucky

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    File originally posted on 7/28/2007 1:57 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 7/28/2007 1:57 PM PST

    13 year old (09/17/06 10:31:42 PM): i hate bein 13
    toddgetrdone (09/17/06 10:31:51 PM): me too
    toddgetrdone (09/17/06 10:32:17 PM): ive never been attracted to anyone as young as you
    13 year old (09/17/06 10:32:32 PM): y not?
    toddgetrdone (09/17/06 10:32:45 PM): your under age baby
    toddgetrdone (09/17/06 10:32:52 PM): i dont like jail
    13 year old (09/17/06 10:32:58 PM): o ic
    13 year old (09/17/06 10:33:07 PM): well i dont blame ya for that!
    toddgetrdone (09/17/06 10:33:19 PM): i cant help it with you
    toddgetrdone (09/17/06 10:33:24 PM): :-?
    13 year old (09/17/06 10:33:39 PM): well i aint gonna tell neone, we r just talkin
    toddgetrdone (09/17/06 10:33:49 PM): ok
    13 year old (09/17/06 10:34:00 PM): u gonna tell sumone?
    toddgetrdone (09/17/06 10:34:13 PM): tell who what
    13 year old (09/17/06 10:34:32 PM): we talked
    toddgetrdone (09/17/06 10:34:41 PM): who would i tell
    toddgetrdone (09/17/06 10:34:48 PM): and why would i
    13 year old (09/17/06 10:34:52 PM): idk
    13 year old (09/17/06 10:34:57 PM): well i am just careful
    13 year old (09/17/06 10:35:01 PM): u never know
    13 year old (09/17/06 10:35:10 PM): mebbe a friend of my momz or sumthing
    toddgetrdone (09/17/06 10:35:21 PM): owe
    toddgetrdone (09/17/06 10:35:32 PM): baby im all yours
    toddgetrdone (09/17/06 10:35:36 PM): im on your side
    toddgetrdone (09/17/06 10:35:45 PM): :D;)
    13 year old (09/17/06 10:35:53 PM): aww
    13 year old (09/17/06 10:36:01 PM): u r so nice
    toddgetrdone (09/17/06 10:36:35 PM): i am nice,thats why girls fuck me over

    Never been attracted to... oh, that's why you hit up five of our decoys.

    Todd Nobel was a whiny emo-baby predator who hit up five of our decoy accounts before finally settling on his \"favorite\", a thirteen year old female whom he could whine to about adult women. Of course, our thirteen year old females never quite turn out the way predators want them to.

    Todd Nobel received five years probation, twenty years RSO status and a litany of living restrictions such as no access to internet, no contact with children, etc. etc. We would have liked some jail-time but a conviction is a conviction.

    Contributor notes from Ripley
    Todd started out all charming and sweet, showering my 13 yrear old persona with compliments,throwing out cheesy lines, and promising to give her his car if they stayed together,generally being everything a 13 year old girl would fall for. However it didn't take long for his impatient, pushy, demanding self to show through. He soon became impatient when he could not have his way and meet her as soon as he wanted. He wanted phone calls constantly, wanted her to sneak out, skip school, wanted to \"just give her a kiss\" through her bedroom window, to sneak into her room and even hide under the sheets if her mom should come in. At one point he became very irate and almost emotionally abusive when she told him she didn't like him over a comment that he made.

    Todd was part of the JC GLEB in Kentucky, which was a tough bust with a lot of hoops to jump through in order to have these men arrested. I was still pretty green at chatting with these guys, but let me tell you, he broke me in, in a big way. It became quite a chore to put him off over and over again until the time of the bust. He was just so damn pushy.

    During the bust Todd also hit up 5 other contributors, one portraying a 12 year old. I really wish his sentence would have been a little (or a lot) stiffer, but at least he now has to register as a sex offender, and will be on probation. I just hope it's enough to keep him from the little girls.

    Thanks to Molly McButter for her awesome verifying skills, and for being patient throughout this tough GLEB, and thanks to Campbell County LE for taking him off the streets.

    This is our 208th conviction since June of 2004 and our 87th conviction for 2007 so far.