Bust by Jay Alternative @ 10/5/2006 8:25 PM PST

[this case is filed under "Other Resolutions"]

Perverted Justice mark: Charles Harding, 65
AOL IM: Hardchuck1
Location: Anaheim, California

Wannabe Pedo's Picture
This wannabe pedo tried to solicit Stadyumsux, a 13 year old boy
... or so they thought!

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Second Phone Conversation:

Conversation 12/31/05

Hardchuck1 [2:04 P.M.]: hi where in so. calif im in orange county do u want older or younger
Stadyumsux [2:04 P.M.]: <---riverside like older
Stadyumsux [2:05P.M.]: 13 u?
Hardchuck1 [2:05 P.M.]: kool i go from anaheim to hemet on weekends older into younger
Stadyumsux [2:06 P.M.]: how old ru?
Hardchuck1 [2:07 P.M.]: to old for what u are looking for i could be ur grandpa into young boys ur age love to cuddle with them caress theirbody work my tongue all over and suck their hard cock dry
Stadyumsux [2:07 P.M.]: i like to play girl
Hardchuck1 [2:08 P.M.]: oh kool
Stadyumsux [2:08 P.M.]: u gotta pic
Hardchuck1 [2:09 P.M.]: all i got is head shot so u have been with another male
Stadyumsux [2:09 P.M.]: yea can i see
Hardchuck1 [2:11 P.M.]: was the male inside u son did he cum inside u
Stadyumsux [2:11 P.M.]: yea and i had nylons on was hot
Stadyumsux [2:11 P.M.]: can we trade pics
Stadyumsux [2:12 P.M.]: ?
Hardchuck1 [2:12 P.M.]: u sure im not to old for u yes we can trade
Stadyumsux [2:12 P.M.]: i sent
Stadyumsux [2:13 P.M.]: i dont no how old ur
Stadyumsux [2:14 P.M.]: u there?
Hardchuck1 [2:15 P.M.]: sent
Stadyumsux [2:15 P.M.]: how old ru?
Hardchuck1 [2:15 P.M.]: im 65 nice pic
Stadyumsux [2:16 P.M.]: i wish i was a girl
Stadyumsux [2:16 P.M.]: then i not be gay
Stadyumsux [2:17 P.M.]: ru gay?
Hardchuck1 [2:17 P.M.]: yes son and i love young boys cock
Stadyumsux [2:17 P.M.]: i gotta cock but its small
Hardchuck1 [2:18 P.M.]: that is ok i can suck it play with it and make it shot white stuff out of it and i can play with ur ass
Hardchuck1 [2:19 P.M.]: who was the male what was inside u son
Stadyumsux [2:19 P.M.]: my uncle
Stadyumsux [2:19 P.M.]: brb
Hardchuck1 [2:19 P.M.]: kool did he have a big cock

Conversation 01/01/06

Stadyumsux [3:05 P.M.]: not playin 2 day?
Hardchuck1 [3:06 P.M.]: wish i could find a young man to play with wish i could cuddle u in my arms and kiss u and suck ur cock
Stadyumsux [3:06 P.M.]: ok
Stadyumsux [3:07 P.M.]: where u at again
Hardchuck1 [3:08 P.M.]: im in anaheim 4 miles from disneyland
Stadyumsux [3:08 P.M.]: i like disneyland
Hardchuck1 [3:09 P.M.]: kool been awhile since i have been there
Stadyumsux [3:09 P.M.]: u got more pics?
Hardchuck1 [3:10 P.M.]: of me or of other young boys and teenagers
Stadyumsux [3:11 P.M.]: u them w/e
Stadyumsux [3:12 P.M.]: ?
Hardchuck1 [3:12 P.M.]: i don't have any more of me just those two have lots of other pic
Stadyumsux [3:13 P.M.]: u only sent 1 in a tie thats it
Hardchuck1 [3:14 P.M.]: the other one is full lenght of me i have no nudes
Stadyumsux [3:14 P.M.]: i dont got x ones to wish i did but no cam
Stadyumsux [3:15 P.M.]: let me see
Hardchuck1 [3:15 P.M.]: ok just a sec
Hardchuck1 [3:16 P.M.]: sent
Stadyumsux [3:17 P.M.]: u lok like a doc
Hardchuck1 [3:17 P.M.]: thanks u would u like me to give u an exam
Stadyumsux [3:18 P.M.]: will u buy me nylons?
Stadyumsux [3:19 P.M.]: ?
Hardchuck1 [3:20 P.M.]: maybe but i would want u to be a boy with me ok
Stadyumsux [3:20 P.M.]: U rich?
Hardchuck1 [3:21 P.M.]: no son rich only in love i have and the care for a young man
Stadyumsux [3:22 P.M.]: lots of guys say that but just want sex
Hardchuck1 [3:22 P.M.]: yeah i know they do and i don't like that i want to be a friend first then a mentor and have sex
Stadyumsux [3:23 P.M.]: mentor?
Stadyumsux [3:23 P.M.]: does that hurt?
Stadyumsux [3:24 P.M.]: ?
Hardchuck1 [3:26 P.M.]: no that is where i help u grow by showing u different ways to learn and let u see how i live and follow the rules and observe other people
Stadyumsux [3:27 P.M.]: like a dad
Stadyumsux [3:27 P.M.]: i get it
Hardchuck1 [3:27 P.M.]: i don't want to cause u any pain or hurt right now
Stadyumsux [3:27 P.M.]: send me some pics
Hardchuck1 [3:27 P.M.]: ok just a sec
Stadyumsux [3:28 P.M.]: <-----bored
Hardchuck1 [3:29 P.M.]: yeah i bet
Hardchuck1 signed off at 3:31 P.M.
Hardchuck1 signed on at 3:35 P.M.
Stadyumsux [3:38 P.M.]: thats hot that what u wanna do to me?
Hardchuck1 [3:39 P.M.]: no i dont want to put my cock inside u i want to hug u close to me lick ur body all over and suck ur cock and u could suck my cock
Stadyumsux [3:39 P.M.]: that u in the fuck pics?
Hardchuck1 [3:40 P.M.]: no some body else
Stadyumsux [3:40 P.M.]: i got hair they dont
Hardchuck1 [3:42 P.M.]: kool love it
Hardchuck1 [3:43 P.M.]: sent u some more pic and will send some more
Stadyumsux [3:43 P.M.]: those are huge cocks
Stadyumsux [3:46 P.M.]: man u got lots
Stadyumsux [3:46 P.M.]: do u like me like that?
Stadyumsux [3:46 P.M.]: that black guy is huge is that real?
Hardchuck1 [3:46 P.M.]: yes it is
Stadyumsux [3:48 P.M.]: daym
Hardchuck1 [3:49 P.M.]: sending 9 more right now
Hardchuck1 [3:52 P.M.]: ok it was 10 not 9 will send some more
Stadyumsux [3:53 P.M.]: lets talk bout being bf
Stadyumsux [3:55 P.M.]: u here?
Stadyumsux [3:57 P.M.]: ?
Hardchuck1 [3:59 P.M.]: ok sent u 12 more pic
Hardchuck1 [3:59 P.M.]: ok what about being bf
Stadyumsux [3:59 P.M.]: man u got tons of hot pics
Stadyumsux [3:59 P.M.]: i like the older guys better they hot
Stadyumsux [4:00 P.M.]: like if we r boyf who i say you are?
Hardchuck1 [4:01 P.M.]: u could say i was ur grandpa this way no one knows but u and me and who we want to know
Stadyumsux [4:01 P.M.]: what i tell my mom where im goin?>
Hardchuck1 [4:02 P.M.]: u could tell here are going to the mall or to a friends house
Stadyumsux [4:03 P.M.]: k i didnt know if i could like say ur like my teacher or somethin
Hardchuck1 [4:04 P.M.]: yeah u could do that my teacher is going to help me something like that
Stadyumsux [4:04 P.M.]: what u do for real ?
Hardchuck1 [4:05 P.M.]: im now retired i use to drive a bus or the elderly and hanidcap for 5 yrs i worked as a travel agent for 13 yrs worked with a airlines for 19 3/4 yrs and was in the religious live for the catholic church for 2 1/2yr and taught freshman in high school
Stadyumsux [4:06 P.M.]: wow u did lots
Hardchuck1 [4:07 P.M.]: also been in the air force for 4 yrs i have travel around
Stadyumsux [4:08 P.M.]: wow
Hardchuck1 [4:08 P.M.]: so see i would have a lot to teach u beside sex
Stadyumsux [4:08 P.M.]: can i call u
Hardchuck1 [4:09 P.M.]: sure im chuck my phone no is 714 234 9718
Stadyumsux [4:10 P.M.]: im luke
Hardchuck1 [4:10 P.M.]: hi luke nice name
Hardchuck1 [4:13 P.M.]: u there luke
Hardchuck1 [4:19 P.M.]: u have a real nice voice luke u sound real hot on the phone i would like to met u
Stadyumsux [4:20 P.M.]: my mom is going to vegas on friday
Stadyumsux [4:21 P.M.]: u soudn nice like real
Hardchuck1 [4:22 P.M.]: oh wow i could pick u up friday on my way home from my mothers u could stay at my place and then i take u back
Stadyumsux [4:23 P.M.]: she calls to check on me but u can stay here
Hardchuck1 [4:23 P.M.]: oh kool that sounds nice
Stadyumsux [4:24 P.M.]: so u wanna be bf?
Stadyumsux [4:24 P.M.]: for real?
Hardchuck1 [4:25 P.M.]: well yes i would then only thing is i would want u to be a boy around me u could be a girl around other
Stadyumsux [4:26 P.M.]: i dont want no others
Stadyumsux [4:26 P.M.]: just u if u like me
Hardchuck1 [4:26 P.M.]: i want to be a friend first yes i would like to have sex with u but that is not required
Hardchuck1 [4:26 P.M.]: that would be kool with me luke
Stadyumsux [4:26 P.M.]: no bf have sex
Stadyumsux [4:26 P.M.]: lots of sex
Hardchuck1 [4:28 P.M.]: that is kool i want to hug u cuddle u in my arms caress ur body work my tongue all over it lick ur balls work my tongue around ur clean asshole and tongue fuck ur ass and i want to suck ur cock and swallow ur cum luke
Stadyumsux [4:29 P.M.]: thats hot
Hardchuck1 [4:29 P.M.]: i would like to go to movies with u go out to eat now and then or go for a drive with u luke
Stadyumsux [4:29 P.M.]: wow u r real
Hardchuck1 [4:31 P.M.]: we could go to the beach we could go to disneyland we could to go knotts berry farm we could go to the mountains
Stadyumsux [4:31 P.M.]: i love disneyland but only been like 2 times
Hardchuck1 [4:32 P.M.]: well u and i can go we would be able to have our own fun and see what we want to see and do
Stadyumsux [4:33 P.M.]: i like that lots
Hardchuck1 [4:33 P.M.]: may i ask is ur father dead or just not around luke
Stadyumsux [4:34 P.M.]: no lives in michigan with new wife and kidds
Hardchuck1 [4:35 P.M.]: kool so just the three of u here
Stadyumsux [4:35 P.M.]: no just me and mom
Hardchuck1 [4:35 P.M.]: oh ok kool
Stadyumsux [4:36 P.M.]: k i gtg u be here layt-r
Hardchuck1 [4:36 P.M.]: yeah i will look for u my love
Hardchuck1 [4:37 P.M.]: grandpa (daddy) will be here for his son and lover
Stadyumsux [4:38 P.M.]: u love me?
Hardchuck1 [4:38 P.M.]: i can real easy son im already falling in love with u
Stadyumsux [4:38 P.M.]: wow me to
Stadyumsux [4:38 P.M.]: k i gtg
Hardchuck1 [4:38 P.M.]: :-D :-* ;-)

Conversation 01/05/06

Stadyumsux [9:15 P.M.]: hi
Hardchuck1 [9:17 P.M.]: hi how are u luke
Stadyumsux [9:19 P.M.]: i keep waitin 4 u
Hardchuck1 [9:20 P.M.]: i will be there tomorrow at 4 pm ok stud where do i meet u
Stadyumsux [9:21 P.M.]: just come to my house i be here
Stadyumsux [9:22 P.M.]: u here?
Hardchuck1 [9:23 P.M.]: but where is it i do not know
Hardchuck1 [9:23 P.M.]: i have no phone number or address for u
Stadyumsux [9:23 P.M.]: if i give number can u get map
Hardchuck1 [9:23 P.M.]: just give me address i can get there
Stadyumsux [9:24 P.M.]: ** JAY EDIT **
Hardchuck1 [9:24 P.M.]: kool
Stadyumsux [9:25 P.M.]: but u cant use front door no one is allowe i can only go in family room kitchen upstairs and my dads shitter
Stadyumsux [9:25 P.M.]: all about stuff or biz people
Hardchuck1 [9:26 P.M.]: kool hot about family room or dads shitter
Stadyumsux [9:26 P.M.]: no go in side gate and in the back slider like i gotta
Stadyumsux [9:26 P.M.]: then i dont get in troubba
Hardchuck1 [9:27 P.M.]: ok kool
Stadyumsux [9:27 P.M.]: the maid rakes the rug in the front door that some1 gave my dad and I step on it get grownded
Hardchuck1 [9:27 P.M.]: ok
Stadyumsux [9:28 P.M.]: i hate it here
Hardchuck1 [9:28 P.M.]: i understand son
Stadyumsux [9:28 P.M.]: u gonna stay over?
Hardchuck1 [9:28 P.M.]: i will stay the nite if ok with u
Stadyumsux [9:29 P.M.]: totally
Stadyumsux [9:30 P.M.]: will u bring porn movies i want to ssee them so bad
Hardchuck1 [9:30 P.M.]: sorry i none with me i was at my mothers since tuesday
Stadyumsux [9:31 P.M.]: u stop and get some?
Hardchuck1 [9:31 P.M.]: will see what we can do do u have a video store close by
Stadyumsux [9:31 P.M.]: not like porn store but i donno
Stadyumsux [9:32 P.M.]: u promise u not like just use me 4 sex but this is real?
Hardchuck1 [9:32 P.M.]: i will see what happen when i get there ok will u be able to go out when im there
Hardchuck1 [9:33 P.M.]: no im not using u for sex i want to be a friend and more luke
Stadyumsux [9:33 P.M.]: dats what i want
Stadyumsux [9:33 P.M.]: can u take x pics of me
Hardchuck1 [9:34 P.M.]: i don't have camera
Stadyumsux [9:34 P.M.]: o

Stadyumsux [9:34 P.M.]: so what we do?
Hardchuck1 [9:34 P.M.]: when will u mom be back
Stadyumsux [9:35 P.M.]: sunday
Hardchuck1 [9:35 P.M.]: could u leave ur house for a couple hours on saturday
Stadyumsux [9:36 P.M.]: totally
Stadyumsux [9:36 P.M.]: where we go?
Hardchuck1 [9:36 P.M.]: we could go to my place in anaheim get some video or something else
Stadyumsux [9:36 P.M.]: dats cool
Hardchuck1 [9:37 P.M.]: what do u like to eat
Stadyumsux [9:38 P.M.]: i love chile cheese fries
Hardchuck1 [9:38 P.M.]: kool is there a place close to u that have them
Stadyumsux [9:39 P.M.]: with like tons of ketchup
Hardchuck1 [9:39 P.M.]: kool
Stadyumsux [9:40 P.M.]: my mom is home i gtg
Stadyumsux [9:40 P.M.]: i call u laytar
Stadyumsux [9:40 P.M.]: k

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