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    File originally posted on 9/28/2007 9:17 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 9/28/2007 9:17 PM PST

    sunrise_sunset66 (07/20/06 7:49:41 PM): i know, i do lots of volunteer work on weekends, and one thing started doing is medical camp in big cities
    sunrise_sunset66 (07/20/06 7:50:07 PM): where we ask doctors to give up their sat golfing for free clinic service
    cowgirl_cara_1991 (07/20/06 7:50:56 PM): that is soooo cool
    cowgirl_cara_1991 (07/20/06 7:51:01 PM): i should tell my daddy about that
    sunrise_sunset66 (07/20/06 7:51:33 PM): ya so far we did 2 in tampa, orlando, and jax
    cowgirl_cara_1991 (07/20/06 7:52:00 PM): you are so cool
    cowgirl_cara_1991 (07/20/06 7:52:05 PM): that you do that is so cool
    cowgirl_cara_1991 (07/20/06 7:52:17 PM): it's like you can totally make a difference in the world
    cowgirl_cara_1991 (07/20/06 7:52:20 PM): ya know?
    sunrise_sunset66 (07/20/06 7:52:29 PM): and i teach kids! lol on sun ages 6 -16 on human values
    cowgirl_cara_1991 (07/20/06 7:53:10 PM): oh, so you're paid to be nice to kids. that's why you're so nice to me
    cowgirl_cara_1991 (07/20/06 7:53:11 PM): hmph
    sunrise_sunset66 (07/20/06 7:53:31 PM): noooooooooooooo
    sunrise_sunset66 (07/20/06 7:53:39 PM): i do all that on my own
    sunrise_sunset66 (07/20/06 7:53:45 PM): volunteer work
    cowgirl_cara_1991 (07/20/06 7:54:10 PM): oh
    cowgirl_cara_1991 (07/20/06 7:54:16 PM): so you're suffering with me for free
    cowgirl_cara_1991 (07/20/06 7:54:19 PM): lol
    cowgirl_cara_1991 (07/20/06 7:54:25 PM): sucks to be you then
    sunrise_sunset66 (07/20/06 7:54:38 PM): and i am on a board for a program call "woman to woman" where we take teenage girls who r mom drop out of school to put them back in school
    sunrise_sunset66 (07/20/06 7:55:32 PM): lol as i said u r my girl...and to see u happy..hmmmm would pay any price
    cowgirl_cara_1991 (07/20/06 7:55:53 PM): really?
    sunrise_sunset66 (07/20/06 7:56:01 PM): ofcourse
    sunrise_sunset66 (07/20/06 7:56:26 PM): as long as u keep ypur promise and give me those 3 things lol
    Looks like someone needed to screen their volunteers better.

    Nitesh Patel is one of those classic sexual predators, taking work around his targeted "AoA" (Pedo-speak, see CSO Wiki). Volunteering in order to get closer to kids, Patel at the same time sought them out via the internet. Many predators you'll find "do the double", attempting to groom kids offline and online. Luckily, we got to him online.

    Patel was arrested in Leon County as part of an Information First arrest. Patel received a unbelievably crappy sentence, while he did get jail time of thirty days and five years probation, he will not be required to register as a sexual offender. You would think the court would take his long history of volunteering around at-risk youth into consideration. However, our volunteers will do their best to keep track of Patel as without RSO registration, he may be able to slide into another dangerous volunteer position.

    Contributor notes from Malibu Breeze
    Nitesh was my first arrest. Sure, that makes him memorable for me, but even more memorable is his sentence, or lack thereof. Nitesh was sentenced to 30 days jail time (better than nothing) and 5 years probation, (not so bad). You may wonder what my disappointment with his sentence is. My issue is that he isn't required to register as a sex offender. This causes me much pause because as you will see when you read the chat logs Nitesh is the epitome of a groomer. Also, Nitesh works/volunteers with troubled teens. In his words, he also teaches children "human morals".

    Nitesh spent hours and hours talking to what he thought was a 15 year old girl. Within minutes of starting the chat he said he was using typical grooming techniques. He was lavishing flattery on to my persona, calling himself her "boyfriend". Throughout the chats you will see how he constantly made sure she said what he wanted to hear, did what he wanted her to do, and constantly made her feel as though he was the only one who understood her.

    For example, within the first 10 minutes of conversation there was this exchange:

    cowgirl_cara_1991 (07/20/06 7:12:24 PM): i don't have anyone on my mind
    sunrise_sunset66 (07/20/06 7:12:40 PM): :( not even me [-(
    cowgirl_cara_1991 (07/20/06 7:12:43 PM): hmph
    cowgirl_cara_1991 (07/20/06 7:12:44 PM): sorry
    cowgirl_cara_1991 (07/20/06 7:12:47 PM): that's not what i meant
    sunrise_sunset66 (07/20/06 7:13:12 PM):now u'll have to kiss and make up
    cowgirl_cara_1991 (07/20/06 7:13:48 PM): silly
    sunrise_sunset66 (07/20/06 7:14:01 PM): #-o who?
    sunrise_sunset66 (07/20/06 7:15:07 PM): ?
    cowgirl_cara_1991 (07/20/06 7:15:12 PM):you're silly
    cowgirl_cara_1991 (07/20/06 7:15:17 PM): kiss and make up
    cowgirl_cara_1991 (07/20/06 7:15:19 PM): lol
    sunrise_sunset66 (07/20/06 7:15:33 PM): :-O u call your bf silly? [-( lol
    sunrise_sunset66 (07/20/06 7:15:43 PM): what's wrong with kissing?
    cowgirl_cara_1991 (07/20/06 7:16:08 PM): you're my bf?

    When Law Enforcement took his home and work computers, they found that my decoy profile wasn't the only minor he was having similar conversations with. This means that there were real children he was grooming. Yet another reason that he should be registered as a sex offender.

    It was an amazing experience working with our Information First partners in Leon County. I am grateful to them and to Van de Camp, my amazing verifier, for making my first bust a breeze.

    This is our 227th conviction since June of 2004 and our 106th conviction for 2007 so far.