• Conviction - christopher_brown1991 - Chicago, Illinois

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    File originally posted on 5/27/2015 11:32 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 5/27/2015 11:32 AM PST

    christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 12:51:34 PM): I'm sorry ok
    xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 12:57:56 PM): u said ima joke :(
    christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 12:58:27 PM): Because u don't do what a woman does u do what a child does
    xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 12:59:16 PM): im sry im 14 n need 2 be careful w me mom...its not my fault :(
    xocait_lynnox (04/12/14 1:00:09 PM): u think im playin games n im not
    christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 1:00:11 PM): It is your fault your the one who wanted to talk to me
    christopher_brown1991 (04/12/14 1:00:28 PM): And u know I'm an adult so u need to step up

    christopher_brown1991 Phone: How do I know when I get highland park the cops won't be there waiting 1:24 PM
    Me: i jus told u im serious!if u wuna do it then we can..but dont tell me no now n then make a move later lol i dont like surprises lol 1:25 PM
    Me: wht u mean?u think i told the cops? 1:25 PM
    Me: y r u askin me all these questions now?the day i actually say i can meet n now ur actin like u dont wuna..jus nvm then 1:26 PM
    christopher_brown1991 Phone: Because u can ruin my life 1:27 PM
    Me: my mom dont trust me to have a smart phone n thts y i have my uncles old one..how am i ruining ur life?! 1:29 PM
    Me: if u dont wuna meet then fine..u cant get mad at me when i say i cant tho 1:29 PM
    christopher_brown1991 Phone: Because if u get me locked up I will go to jail have to register as a sex offender I can't live by kids or have jobs 1:31 PM
    christopher_brown1991 Phone: My whole life will be ruined and for all I know u could be a cop pretending to be an underage girl 1:32 PM

    Christopher Brown badgered the \"child\" daily to leave home and meet him for sex, regardless of the consequences for the child. He attempted to manipulate the decoy so she would do exactly what he wanted. Brown knew exactly what he was doing with a minor, and he knew what the consequences could be, yet he still showed up to have sex with what he thought was a 14 year old female. Fortunately, Brown was met by the Highland Park Police instead of a real child.

    Christopher Brown was sentenced to six months in jail, two years of probation, 150 hours of community service, and registration as a sex offender. At least he can't say he was surprised.

    Notes from the Contributor, Heath Bar

    Chrisopher Brown initiated chat with the decoy on 04/04/14. The decoy immediately stated she was 14, but that didnt deter Brown. He was spooked throughout the course of the chat, thinking the decoy may be a cop. He should have gone with his gut feeling, because he was on the right track. Brown was constantly asking the decoy to meet for sex, wanting to take her virginity. Towards the end of the chat, he sounded as if he were going to back out. That ended up not being the case. Right before Brown showed up on the Metra, he again stated he want to have sex with the decoy. Instead of meeting a 14 year old, Brown was met by the Highland Park Police.

    This is our 592nd conviction since June of 2004.