• Conviction - donni1957_male - Fort Myers, Florida

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 8/2/2006 3:36 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 8/2/2006 3:51 PM PST

    donni1957_male (4/21/2006 7:10:03 PM): told u i think yer cute
    snakesonagirl (4/21/2006 7:10:10 PM): lol just cute?
    donni1957_male (4/21/2006 7:10:19 PM): even hot
    snakesonagirl (4/21/2006 7:10:30 PM): ooooo even hot?
    donni1957_male (4/21/2006 7:10:34 PM): yes
    snakesonagirl (4/21/2006 7:10:37 PM): i dunno most guys think im not hot
    snakesonagirl (4/21/2006 7:10:47 PM): theyre like oh breasts are too small blah blah
    donni1957_male (4/21/2006 7:10:48 PM): theyr nuts
    snakesonagirl (4/21/2006 7:11:03 PM): i dunno i hear it all the time
    donni1957_male (4/21/2006 7:11:15 PM): would u let me suck them
    snakesonagirl (4/21/2006 7:11:19 PM): lol yeah of ocurse
    snakesonagirl (4/21/2006 7:11:26 PM): thatd feel good i bet
    donni1957_male (4/21/2006 7:11:39 PM): well where can i come
    snakesonagirl (4/21/2006 7:11:58 PM): come? i dont wanna get pregs so you gotta have a condom
    donni1957_male (4/21/2006 7:12:21 PM): i havem but i am going slow
    snakesonagirl (4/21/2006 7:12:34 PM): i just like to know what to be ready for you know?
    donni1957_male (4/21/2006 7:13:04 PM): if u are ready for sex ill give it to you but i ave erectile dysfunction wont get real hard

    And we have a feeling he didn't get real hard when he walked in and was face to face with Chris Hansen.

    Morrison ended up confiding to Dateline that he beat charges in two other states in relations to underage sexual relationships or photo-taking of minor females. That turned out to be true, but Dateline: Fort Myers turned out to be one rap he could not beat. It's unfortunate that he was able to use the system for such a long period of time, moving from state to state, beating charges under technicalities. An individual like this would not show up under a sex offender search, despite being what is obviously the classic pedophile archetype, one who has already committed acts against minors.

    Morrison has been sentenced to nine months in jail under a plea agreement, becoming our first conviction from Dateline: 5 and our first conviction in Florida, period. He also has to register as a sex offender, serve three years of probation and pay the state just under a thousand dollars in fines and restitution. Some of the money will go to Florida's \"Rape Crisis Trust Fund\", which is a morally fitting recipient.

    Notes from the Contributor, Xavier Von Erck
    A little over an hour of chatting and all the elements of the crime were laid out by Donald Morrison. Unlike the other conviction posted today that took four months of chatting, this didn't take nearly as long. Why? Because Morrison didn't want it to. It took him a mere thirteen minutes to broach the idea of a meeting and shortly thereafter laid out his sexual intentions.

    I was honestly very surprised that he moved so quickly. He wasted no time getting down to business, and after viewing his interview it was apparent why. This individual is the classic pedophile stereotype. Fearing little but a lack of underage victim, Morrison moved fast towards exactly what he wanted. Usually individuals don't move quite this speedily, illustrating that we have to be ready for every kind of solicitation.

    It is satisfying that the evidence I was able to provide turned out to be an unlucky third try for Morrison, as he found no ability to wiggle out from under these charges.

    This is our 71st conviction since June of 2004 and our 31st conviction for the year 2006 thus far. That compares mighty favorably to last year, when we racked up 33 convictions for the entire year of 2005. So far in 2006, we've already racked up thirty-one in a mere seven full months. That's an average of over four a month... more than one PeeJ-initiated conviction a week on average. Not just arrest now, but conviction.

    Florida is a new state so we have updated the conviction map. We now have convictions in 28 different states across the U.S. This is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our Florida cases, you'll be seeing many more in the months to come.