Nathan doesn't want anyone to think he's hitting on a little girl!
Bust by Maxwell House @ 3/21/2006 3:35 PM PST


Perverted Justice mark: Nathan, 19
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Location: Norfolk, Virginia
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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit lori_luvs_puppies, a 12 year old girl
... or so they thought!

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Folks, meet Nathan. Nathan contacted me while we were working on Dateline II in Virginia. Sadly, he was going to sea before he could get his fifteen minutes of fame. The Navy was more than happy to compensate him, though. Instead of only fifteen minutes of fame, he can be famous in the brigfor a few years.

Timestamps represent PDT.

August 14, 2005
texassailor04 (2:13:30 PM): what up little girl (He knows)
lori_luvs_puppies (2:13:51 PM): nuttin jus chattin
texassailor04 (2:14:08 PM): kool
texassailor04 (2:14:16 PM): so how old are you
lori_luvs_puppies (2:14:22 PM): 12/f/nva (And now he's been told)
lori_luvs_puppies (2:14:25 PM): u?
texassailor04 (2:14:52 PM): i'm to old for ya (Yes, you are)
lori_luvs_puppies (2:15:21 PM): lol y ru 99 r sumthin?
texassailor04 (2:15:28 PM): no i'm 19
texassailor04 (2:15:34 PM): from norfolk
texassailor04 (2:17:19 PM): so what do you do for fun
texassailor04 (2:18:17 PM): r u there
texassailor04 (2:20:03 PM):
lori_luvs_puppies (2:20:11 PM): sorry bots
texassailor04 (2:21:37 PM): are you not going to talk to me cause i'm older than you
lori_luvs_puppies (2:21:51 PM): lol y wuld i do dat?
texassailor04 (2:23:36 PM): i don't know
texassailor04 (2:26:08 PM): cause you might think i'm hitting on ya (Are you?)
texassailor04 (2:26:11 PM): or somethin
lori_luvs_puppies (2:27:27 PM): lol its ok
texassailor04 (2:29:35 PM): so what you do this past summer
texassailor04 (2:29:39 PM): you ready for school
lori_luvs_puppies (2:29:50 PM): lol ya i liek skool most of da time
texassailor04 (2:31:41 PM): so what grade you going to
lori_luvs_puppies (2:33:37 PM): 8
texassailor04 (2:34:04 PM): dam that kool
texassailor04 (2:34:20 PM): best time to be in jr high
texassailor04 (2:41:52 PM): what is your name
lori_luvs_puppies (2:42:34 PM): lori wats urs?
texassailor04 (2:42:46 PM): nathan
lori_luvs_puppies (4:34:49 PM): im back
texassailor04 (4:35:15 PM): kool
lori_luvs_puppies (4:35:20 PM): dad came home 4 a few mins so i had to go offline
lori_luvs_puppies (4:35:26 PM): but hes gone now again
texassailor04 (4:35:27 PM): so what would ya like to chat about
lori_luvs_puppies (4:35:39 PM): lol i dont care
texassailor04 (4:35:55 PM): well think of a topic
lori_luvs_puppies (4:36:10 PM): u relly from texas?
texassailor04 (4:36:32 PM): yep
lori_luvs_puppies (4:36:58 PM): dats kewl my gramma lives dere
texassailor04 (4:37:08 PM): what part
lori_luvs_puppies (4:37:13 PM): by dallas
texassailor04 (4:37:18 PM): kool
lori_luvs_puppies (4:37:19 PM): were u from?
texassailor04 (4:37:25 PM): austin myself
lori_luvs_puppies (4:37:49 PM): i think i went by thre wen she took me to the alamo
texassailor04 (4:38:00 PM): kool
texassailor04 (4:38:06 PM): when was this
lori_luvs_puppies (4:38:19 PM): wen i was 9
lori_luvs_puppies (4:38:30 PM): dad dont let me see her too much
texassailor04 (4:38:32 PM): oh, and how old are you now
lori_luvs_puppies (4:38:36 PM): 12 (And told a second time)
texassailor04 (4:38:43 PM): kool
lori_luvs_puppies (4:39:12 PM): i liked texas it was kewl
texassailor04 (4:39:27 PM): i love it and can't wait to go back
lori_luvs_puppies (4:39:41 PM): wen do u get 2 go back?
texassailor04 (4:39:42 PM): but i need a girl to go with me when i'm done with the navy
texassailor04 (4:39:54 PM): don't know yet
lori_luvs_puppies (4:39:57 PM): u like bein in da navy?
texassailor04 (4:40:14 PM): ya i do
lori_luvs_puppies (4:40:23 PM): wat do u do?
texassailor04 (4:40:39 PM): nothin really
lori_luvs_puppies (4:40:53 PM): lol u get 2 b in da navy n do nuttin?
texassailor04 (4:41:08 PM): just drive the ship when we go underway
texassailor04 (4:41:15 PM): somethin like that
lori_luvs_puppies (4:41:15 PM): oh kewl!!!!!!!!!
lori_luvs_puppies (4:41:27 PM): i bet its big
texassailor04 (4:41:36 PM): ya it is
lori_luvs_puppies (4:41:58 PM): it souns like fun
texassailor04 (4:42:35 PM): well if you came over here i would give you a tour of it and let you see all of it
lori_luvs_puppies (4:42:50 PM): lol i cant drive silly
texassailor04 (4:43:51 PM): ok, where are you and i will come get ya ok
texassailor04 (4:43:59 PM): lol
lori_luvs_puppies (4:44:08 PM): north va
texassailor04 (4:44:17 PM): town
lori_luvs_puppies (4:45:04 PM): herndon its sorta by dulles
texassailor04 (4:45:24 PM): oh
lori_luvs_puppies (4:46:34 PM): itd b kewl 2 see all da ships ya kno?
texassailor04 (4:46:35 PM): your parents wouldn't kill me for being older than ya
texassailor04 (4:46:38 PM): would they
lori_luvs_puppies (4:46:45 PM): lol my dads nevr home neway
lori_luvs_puppies (4:46:52 PM): i dont got a mom
texassailor04 (4:47:04 PM): oh, so you would just leave with me
lori_luvs_puppies (4:47:13 PM): lol if ur nice n not somefreek
texassailor04 (4:47:40 PM): no not a freak, you to young for me to try anything on ya know
lori_luvs_puppies (4:47:49 PM): lol im not a baby
texassailor04 (4:48:43 PM): i know
texassailor04 (4:48:52 PM): your 12 and i'm 19
lori_luvs_puppies (4:49:16 PM): so??
texassailor04 (4:49:54 PM): i couldn't try nothin cause i would get into trouble if i did even though i think you cute (Nathan, you have no idea how much trouble)
lori_luvs_puppies (4:50:03 PM): i wuldnt tell
texassailor04 (4:50:14 PM): oh really
lori_luvs_puppies (4:50:14 PM): lol i dont wanna get busted ya know!!!! im not stoopid
texassailor04 (4:50:28 PM): true
texassailor04 (4:50:34 PM): then we both be in trouble
lori_luvs_puppies (4:50:59 PM): ya n i dont wanna b busted that sux
texassailor04 (4:51:11 PM): ya it dose
texassailor04 (4:51:36 PM): ok i'm not trying to be perverted or anything like that but will you tell me your sizes please
texassailor04 (4:51:57 PM): maybe i would pick you something up before i came to your house
lori_luvs_puppies (4:52:09 PM): u mean like my clothes sizes?
texassailor04 (4:52:22 PM): ya
lori_luvs_puppies (4:52:34 PM): i wear a 5 in jeans n a small t
texassailor04 (4:52:53 PM): oh, so your small arn't ya
lori_luvs_puppies (4:52:59 PM): lol ya n short 2
texassailor04 (4:53:16 PM): oh, i'm 6' 5\"
lori_luvs_puppies (4:53:21 PM): wow!!!!!
texassailor04 (4:53:47 PM): how tall are you
lori_luvs_puppies (4:53:56 PM): 4 11
texassailor04 (4:54:04 PM): that not that bad
lori_luvs_puppies (4:54:19 PM): im still growin
texassailor04 (4:54:42 PM): ya, your going to grow a lot more than you think
lori_luvs_puppies (4:55:00 PM): i dunno dad says mom was pretty short 2
texassailor04 (4:55:29 PM): well my parents are both 5'3\" and look at me
lori_luvs_puppies (4:55:36 PM): lol dats tru
texassailor04 (4:56:26 PM): so see even if one parent or both are short dosen't always mean your going to be
lori_luvs_puppies (4:56:42 PM): dats tru n dads pretty tall
texassailor04 (4:56:59 PM): see maybe you'll be right in the middle
lori_luvs_puppies (4:57:07 PM): lol mebbe
texassailor04 (4:57:43 PM): so what dose your dad do
lori_luvs_puppies (4:57:50 PM): hes a doctor
lori_luvs_puppies (4:58:27 PM): mom was 2 b4 she died
lori_luvs_puppies (5:06:14 PM): wb
texassailor04 (5:06:43 PM): so where were we
lori_luvs_puppies (5:07:01 PM): lol u askd me wat my dad does
texassailor04 (5:07:39 PM): he a doctor right
lori_luvs_puppies (5:07:56 PM): ya n my mom was 2 b4 she died
texassailor04 (5:08:07 PM): i'm srry
lori_luvs_puppies (5:08:18 PM): its ok i dont relly remmber her
texassailor04 (5:09:17 PM): oh, that sucks
lori_luvs_puppies (5:10:01 PM): she died in a car reck
texassailor04 (5:10:44 PM): oh, that the same way my aunt died
lori_luvs_puppies (5:10:52 PM): it sux dont it
texassailor04 (5:11:43 PM): yep
lori_luvs_puppies (5:12:40 PM): so wat kinda stuff u wann buy b4 u pick me up?? ;)
texassailor04 (5:14:10 PM): BETTER NOT CATCH ANYONE BREAKING THIS RIBBON. This is a (yellow) ribbon for MARINES and SOLDIERS fighting in iraq. pass it on to everyone.
lori_luvs_puppies (5:14:38 PM): huh?
texassailor04 (5:18:51 PM): i don't know what do you like
lori_luvs_puppies (5:19:15 PM): lol nethin mebbe u culd bring me a navy tshirt?? dat wuld be waaaaaay kewl!!!!
texassailor04 (5:19:54 PM): ok
lori_luvs_puppies (5:21:12 PM): wen u wanna do it??
texassailor04 (5:22:02 PM): how about after the second of sept.
lori_luvs_puppies (5:22:22 PM): awww u cant do it b4 den??
texassailor04 (5:22:46 PM): i'm going out to sea for the next two weeks
lori_luvs_puppies (5:23:03 PM): wen u leave?
texassailor04 (5:23:27 PM): tommorrow
lori_luvs_puppies (5:23:33 PM): dat sux
texassailor04 (5:23:35 PM): we can do it one weekend
lori_luvs_puppies (5:23:53 PM): okay
texassailor04 (5:24:16 PM): kool
texassailor04 (5:42:47 PM): so what ya doin
texassailor04 (5:48:07 PM): r u there
texassailor04 (5:52:22 PM): r u dating anyone
lori_luvs_puppies (5:53:58 PM): no i dont got a bf
texassailor04 (5:54:50 PM): ok, didn't want to make anyone jellouse
lori_luvs_puppies (5:55:00 PM): lol no guyz my age r jerks
texassailor04 (5:55:24 PM): oh, and older guys arn't right
lori_luvs_puppies (5:56:01 PM): y not?
lori_luvs_puppies (5:56:12 PM): lol some r still jerks but ur nice
texassailor04 (5:59:07 PM): thanks
texassailor04 (6:00:32 PM): and your sweet for your age to
lori_luvs_puppies (6:01:12 PM): awww ty
texassailor04 (6:02:41 PM): no prob.
texassailor04 (6:02:54 PM): i need a nickname for ya, what do you want it to be
lori_luvs_puppies (6:03:06 PM): lol i dunno u pick 1 long as its not stoopid :)
texassailor04 (6:03:49 PM): like what
texassailor04 (6:03:55 PM): i'm not good at this
lori_luvs_puppies (6:04:39 PM): u cn call me princess? lol id like dat
texassailor04 (6:04:53 PM): ok you can be my princess ok
lori_luvs_puppies (6:04:59 PM): k :) :)
texassailor04 (6:05:59 PM): hey i got to go got a # so i can call ya princess
lori_luvs_puppies (6:08:41 PM): wb
texassailor04 (6:09:15 PM): thanks princess
lori_luvs_puppies (6:09:51 PM): dads got callr id in his room so id get bustd but i got a callin card i cn use 2 call u so it dont sho
texassailor04 (6:10:43 PM): you are smart arn't ya
lori_luvs_puppies (6:10:55 PM): lol ya i get good grades y?
texassailor04 (6:11:27 PM): your coming up with all these plans
lori_luvs_puppies (6:11:34 PM): lol im not stoopid
texassailor04 (6:12:11 PM): i think we are going to have some fun i'll have to take ya to the beach and some other fun places one day ok
lori_luvs_puppies (6:12:21 PM): dat b relly kewl!!!!!
texassailor04 (6:12:48 PM): ya sure, cause your my princess right
lori_luvs_puppies (6:12:55 PM): ya!! :)
lori_luvs_puppies (6:13:59 PM): so u want me 2 call u?
texassailor04 (6:14:46 PM): well my phone is truned off until we get back so i don't have to pay for time i didn't get to use
lori_luvs_puppies (6:15:06 PM): oh :((
texassailor04 (6:15:09 PM): but if you want my # it is 512-269-6371 ok
texassailor04 (6:15:35 PM): but see if you give me yours i can make it wear my number dosn't show up on caller id
lori_luvs_puppies (6:15:53 PM): ill try 2 sneak the id outta dads room 2morro
texassailor04 (6:15:59 PM): then your dad would never know
lori_luvs_puppies (6:16:15 PM): itd still sho up as a call tho
lori_luvs_puppies (6:16:25 PM): unless i sneak it out n can delete it ill try
texassailor04 (6:16:34 PM): but he wouldn't know from who
lori_luvs_puppies (6:16:42 PM): ya but hes mean!!
texassailor04 (6:17:14 PM): oh
lori_luvs_puppies (6:18:09 PM): so i relly try 2 not get bustd
texassailor04 (6:18:23 PM): ya i feel ya
texassailor04 (6:19:38 PM): ya i wouldn't want your dad to catch me taking you places he might get the wrong idea (I don't think anyone has the wrong idea)
lori_luvs_puppies (6:20:01 PM): not like hes evr here neway
texassailor04 (6:22:44 PM): ya but ya never know
lori_luvs_puppies (6:23:03 PM): i dont think he relly cares wat i do as long as i dont bug him
texassailor04 (6:23:22 PM): oh
texassailor04 (6:24:22 PM): ok, i got another question for ya, if i was to buy a girl some underwear for anything if the girl was you would you want a thong, g-string or the full ass panties
lori_luvs_puppies (6:24:36 PM): omg id love 2 have a thong!!!!!!
texassailor04 (6:25:23 PM): really, what color
lori_luvs_puppies (6:25:39 PM): um purple!!!!!
texassailor04 (6:25:51 PM): why purple
lori_luvs_puppies (6:25:56 PM): lol cuz i like it
texassailor04 (6:26:26 PM): ok, so i will have to take you somewhere you can buy a purple thong ok
lori_luvs_puppies (6:26:51 PM): kewl!!!!
texassailor04 (6:26:58 PM): do you want it like soild purple or kinda see throu purple
lori_luvs_puppies (6:27:09 PM): i let u pick dat part out k?
texassailor04 (6:27:22 PM): k
texassailor04 (6:27:26 PM): sounds like fun
lori_luvs_puppies (6:27:31 PM): ya!!!
texassailor04 (6:27:47 PM): what about bras, would you let me buy you one of those to
lori_luvs_puppies (6:28:01 PM): ya if u want will it match thong??
texassailor04 (6:28:01 PM): like a strapless, or a pushup
texassailor04 (6:28:15 PM): sure
texassailor04 (6:28:27 PM): will you modle it for me (Where have we heard this before?)
lori_luvs_puppies (6:29:02 PM): lol sure since u buyin it
texassailor04 (6:29:34 PM): kool, i'll tell ya what i think of ya in it ok
lori_luvs_puppies (6:29:38 PM): ok!!!!
texassailor04 (6:29:54 PM): kool
texassailor04 (6:31:08 PM): i would make you like my little girlfriend ok (Told you we didn't have the *wrong* idea)
lori_luvs_puppies (6:31:36 PM): kewl!!!!!!
lori_luvs_puppies (6:31:43 PM): i always wantd a bf
texassailor04 (6:31:58 PM): did you ever want an older bf
lori_luvs_puppies (6:32:10 PM): age dont matter if hes nice
texassailor04 (6:32:45 PM): kool
lori_luvs_puppies (6:32:57 PM): do u get 2 get on yim wen ur on da ship?
texassailor04 (6:33:31 PM): no i have to use the ships email
texassailor04 (6:33:45 PM): my email for the ship is ok
lori_luvs_puppies (6:33:56 PM): k! mines
texassailor04 (6:35:15 PM): k got it
texassailor04 (6:39:07 PM): so what ya doin right now
lori_luvs_puppies (6:39:13 PM): lol nuttin
lori_luvs_puppies (6:39:18 PM): gettin kinda tired i gess
texassailor04 (6:39:49 PM): oh, what do you like to sleep in
lori_luvs_puppies (6:40:03 PM): jus a t
texassailor04 (6:40:14 PM): kool
texassailor04 (6:40:24 PM): i sleep in my boxers
lori_luvs_puppies (6:40:30 PM): kewl
texassailor04 (6:43:02 PM): hey when i come see you you got to make sure if we do anything not to hurt you ok
lori_luvs_puppies (6:43:15 PM): ok i tell u if it hurts k?
texassailor04 (6:43:48 PM): ya
texassailor04 (6:44:00 PM): have you ever seen a porn video
lori_luvs_puppies (6:44:10 PM): no u got some?
texassailor04 (6:44:40 PM): i'll have to let you see before we do anything so you know what is going to happen ok
lori_luvs_puppies (6:45:51 PM): ok
texassailor04 (6:47:41 PM): would you like for me to show you in the shower or the bed 1st
lori_luvs_puppies (6:47:50 PM): wat is better?
texassailor04 (6:48:31 PM): well i think for a 1st timmer it is better on the bed but for someone who likes to have fun in the shower
lori_luvs_puppies (6:48:42 PM): k den mebbe bed 1st??
texassailor04 (6:48:52 PM): or do you have a bathtube
lori_luvs_puppies (6:49:05 PM): lol ya we got a bathtub duh!!!!!!
texassailor04 (6:49:41 PM): ok, i'll show ya there, i'll be on bottom and i'll let you be on top, that way if you don't like it you can get off ok
lori_luvs_puppies (6:49:49 PM): k
texassailor04 (6:50:12 PM): would you like to try it in the ass (No. Would you?)
lori_luvs_puppies (6:50:28 PM): omg wont dat hurt????????
texassailor04 (6:50:52 PM): some say it feels good, and it never hurts, i don't know
lori_luvs_puppies (6:51:02 PM): oic
texassailor04 (6:51:16 PM): that one is tottaly up to u
lori_luvs_puppies (6:51:45 PM): k i think bout it k?
texassailor04 (6:53:13 PM): k, oh, and if you want to again it tottaly up to you do you want me to put it in your mouth and let you suck on it like a blow pop (If you have to compare a dick to a blow-pop, she's TOO YOUNG!)
lori_luvs_puppies (6:53:29 PM): is it gross?
texassailor04 (6:53:50 PM): i don't know again, like i said it tottaly up to you
texassailor04 (6:54:12 PM): if you don't want to it fine, if you do it is fine to
lori_luvs_puppies (6:54:46 PM): ok
texassailor04 (6:55:03 PM): i'll let you think on that one to ok
lori_luvs_puppies (6:55:04 PM): im goin 2 go 2 bed soon u promis u email me wile ur gone??
texassailor04 (6:55:27 PM): yes of course my little princess
lori_luvs_puppies (6:55:32 PM): awww ty!!!
texassailor04 (6:55:41 PM): no prob
lori_luvs_puppies (6:55:42 PM): nite n have fun wile ur gone!!!!!!
texassailor04 (6:55:55 PM): think about me
lori_luvs_puppies (6:56:02 PM): i will!!!!
texassailor04 (6:56:13 PM): ok, i'll think about you to
texassailor04 (6:56:22 PM): love ya princess

What do you do with a perverted sailor? What do you do with a perverted sailor? What do you do with a perverted sailor? Ship him off to jail!

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