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    File originally posted on 11/1/2009 7:45 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 11/1/2009 7:45 PM PST

    morg_stick (07/24/06 9:42:48 PM): 34/m/nh and yours
    morgan_dreamerz (07/24/06 9:43:06 PM): 13 F NH
    morg_stick (07/24/06 9:43:31 PM): virgin?
    morgan_dreamerz (07/24/06 9:44:14 PM): kinda lol
    morg_stick (07/24/06 9:44:26 PM): what do you mean?
    morgan_dreamerz (07/24/06 9:45:10 PM): my ex n me did some stuff but not atw
    morg_stick (07/24/06 9:45:33 PM): you played with his cock?
    morgan_dreamerz (07/24/06 9:45:50 PM): umm yeah
    morg_stick (07/24/06 9:46:14 PM): what did he play with on you?
    morgan_dreamerz (07/24/06 9:46:46 PM): umm boobs
    morgan_dreamerz (07/24/06 9:46:50 PM): n in my pants
    morg_stick (07/24/06 9:47:03 PM): your breasts big?
    morgan_dreamerz (07/24/06 9:47:18 PM): 32b sorrry
    morg_stick (07/24/06 9:47:33 PM): good size for your age
    morgan_dreamerz (07/24/06 9:47:46 PM): idk really?
    morg_stick (07/24/06 9:47:52 PM): yes
    morgan_dreamerz (07/24/06 9:48:27 PM): oh
    morg_stick (07/24/06 9:48:28 PM): did he make you cum?
    morgan_dreamerz (07/24/06 9:48:36 PM): girls dont cum silly
    morg_stick (07/24/06 9:48:52 PM): did you have an orgsum
    morgan_dreamerz (07/24/06 9:48:59 PM): umm
    morgan_dreamerz (07/24/06 9:49:02 PM): dunno
    morgan_dreamerz (07/24/06 9:49:07 PM): i dont thinkso
    morgan_dreamerz (07/24/06 9:49:16 PM): what its liek?
    morg_stick (07/24/06 9:49:53 PM): you tighten up you jerk around and feel real good
    morg_stick (07/24/06 9:50:17 PM): do you masturbate?
    Yes, this is a very appropriate line of conversation to have with someone who just said they are 13.

    Morgan Stickney was first arrested in November of 2006 but his conviction didn't truly become official until September of 2009. As is his legal right, Stickney hired himself a lawyer, and his lawyer tried to make a name for herself by getting this case dismissed or her client acquitted. She failed on both counts. She tried to harass the contributor for this case with baseless motions and scare tactics. She tried, and failed, to attack the credibility of this organization. She tried to celebrate when this case was moved around due to jurisdictional issues, though her celebration was short-lived when the case was immediately picked up by the appropriate jurisdiction. She tried to use the oldest and most pathetic defenses possible by saying her client was just role-playing. She tried histrionics by claiming her client was \"entrapped for bloodsport.\" None of it worked. Morgan Stickney was convicted by a jury of his peers in the spring of 2008. The jury only took two hours to deliberate and return a guilty verdict. He tried to appeal, and the conviction was upheld. No surprise.

    Morgan Stickney received a sentence of 1.5 to 5 years in jail, and the terms of his probation featured many restrictions. Hope you enjoy your time in jail, Mr. Stickney.

    This is our 366th conviction since June of 2004, our 62nd conviction for 2009, and our 5th conviction in New Hampshire thus far.