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    File originally posted on 6/21/2016 3:55 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 6/21/2016 3:55 PM PST

    mg0942 (07/24/12 2:42:38 AM): just so u know it is a nude beach near avila beach
    caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:42:45 AM): oh haha
    caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:42:55 AM): am i even allowed on a nude beach?
    mg0942 (07/24/12 2:44:01 AM): i saw someone that looked like they had a 5 or 6 yr old with them so i would think it would be ok cuz it looks like clothing is optional
    caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:44:12 AM): oh ok
    caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:44:30 AM): it might be weird to be naked in front of a bunch of people lol
    mg0942 (07/24/12 2:45:47 AM): well if u want u can go in the water strip down and then come out when ur ready or stay covered till ur ready to strip down
    caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:45:59 AM): haha idk
    caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:46:12 AM): im kind of self consious
    caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:46:21 AM): like one person is one thing
    caffinatedboredom (07/24/12 2:46:31 AM): but naked in a beach ?
    mg0942 (07/24/12 2:46:37 AM): well if u want i can work with u on that

    mg0942 (07/24/12 2:56:39 AM): we can talk first cuz when i was in texas i was an unoffical stripping coach helping strippers get used to the crowds

    How does one get a job as an \"unofficial stripping coach?\" Michael Robert Garcia was eager to work with a 14-year-old child to overcome her shyness and reluctance to strip naked in front of strangers so he could take her to a nude beach. After all these years, that may be a new one.

    Having sex with the child was also in Garcia's plans when he showed up at the house in Orcutt, California. There was no child there, because he had been chatting with retired Contributor Pepper Jack. There were officers there from the Santa Barbara Sheriff's Department, and they were happy to explain to Michael Garcia just where his educational plans ran afoul of the law.

    Garcia was convicted of going to an arranged meeting with a minor with intent to commit a sex offense. He is now a registered sex offender.

    This is our 622nd conviction since June of 2004.