• Conviction - xclusivelyinit - San Jose, California

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    File originally posted on 12/28/2010 7:16 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 12/28/2010 7:16 PM PST

    xclusivelyinit (08/24/06 9:18:36 PM): shld i stay at same hotel prob huh
    willowfilipino (08/24/06 9:18:39 PM): lol u stay here
    willowfilipino (08/24/06 9:18:42 PM): dont be dumb
    xclusivelyinit (08/24/06 9:18:42 PM): really!
    willowfilipino (08/24/06 9:18:45 PM): yeah duh
    xclusivelyinit (08/24/06 9:18:55 PM): well i wasnt gonna invite myself you know
    xclusivelyinit (08/24/06 9:18:57 PM): =)
    xclusivelyinit (08/24/06 9:18:59 PM): i wld love to
    willowfilipino (08/24/06 9:19:00 PM): lol dont be silly
    xclusivelyinit (08/24/06 9:19:02 PM): ok
    xclusivelyinit (08/24/06 9:19:03 PM): cool
    xclusivelyinit (08/24/06 9:19:15 PM): then we cld kick in cuzi for a bit
    xclusivelyinit (08/24/06 9:19:22 PM): and i cld gve you some massage lol
    willowfilipino (08/24/06 9:19:24 PM): lol awesome
    xclusivelyinit (08/24/06 9:19:27 PM): yea
    xclusivelyinit (08/24/06 9:19:31 PM): i like that
    willowfilipino (08/24/06 9:19:40 PM): yeah my cuzzi rules
    xclusivelyinit (08/24/06 9:19:44 PM): no
    xclusivelyinit (08/24/06 9:19:51 PM): you and i will rule in cuzzi
    If you and I means you and \"cuzzi\" means \"jail\", then yeah, pretty much.

    Jaswinder Cheema was a part of our Petaluma sting operation which aired on Dateline NBC as part of the \"To Catch a Predator\" series. His chat was long, sexual and otherwise bland. Well, as bland as a long chat-log propositioning a thirteen year old can get.

    Cheema fought the charges for as long as he could, but eventually pled guilty and received lifetime RSO status and 36 months sex offender probation.

    Contributor notes from Xavier Von Erck
    Cheema's chat was pretty well by the numbers, not terribly interesting. Few ancedotes in other words. However, his attorney would sit in on each hearing of the Maurice Wolin case, hoping to find some legal argument that Wolin's attorney could magically spring from thin air to get her client off.

    Unfortunately for Jaswinder Cheema and his attorney, whether high priced or low priced, there's no magic that gets rid of guilty. Cheema ended up pleading guilty and got RSO status.

    This is our 530th conviction since June of 2004 and our 30th conviction for 2010.