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    File originally posted on 8/22/2008 6:43 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 8/22/2008 6:43 PM PST

    14 year old girl (03/08/08 7:36:19 PM): kk wat kinda car?
    cooperisaaca (03/08/08 7:36:31 PM): on bike
    14 year old girl (03/08/08 7:36:37 PM): motorcycle?
    14 year old girl (03/08/08 7:36:58 PM): we can stay here if u wanna
    cooperisaaca (03/08/08 7:37:16 PM): ok
    cooperisaaca (03/08/08 7:37:29 PM): it a ten speed bike
    14 year old girl (03/08/08 7:37:36 PM): kk so like half n hour?
    cooperisaaca (03/08/08 7:37:44 PM): yes
    14 year old girl (03/08/08 7:37:54 PM): kk u want me to call u while u r on ur way?
    cooperisaaca (03/08/08 7:38:25 PM): no
    14 year old girl (03/08/08 7:38:36 PM): kk so i will see u in like half n hr?
    cooperisaaca (03/08/08 7:38:47 PM): yes
    14 year old girl (03/08/08 7:38:57 PM): k im gonna grab a quick shower cya in 30
    cooperisaaca (03/08/08 7:39:08 PM): ok
    14 year old girl (03/08/08 7:39:13 PM): promise u r coming?
    cooperisaaca (03/08/08 7:39:19 PM): yes
    14 year old girl (03/08/08 7:39:22 PM): kool
    cooperisaaca (03/08/08 7:39:44 PM): u want me to been condoms

    Rocking the ten speed in really cold weather is pretty determined, to say the least.

    Russell Schneider showed up at our really, really cold Detroit, Michigan sting operation on a bike. A ten speed bike. If there's any one thing that says "determined, committed pedophile", it's biking across winter weather conditions to meet a young girl you've just recently run across online. Thankfully, it wasn't a young girl but another one of our decoy contributors.

    Schneider received 13 months to 20 years in prison. Yes, usually we know how long they're going to be in jail, but with the sentence Schneider was handed... well, we've no idea. Whatever the end result is, a thirteen month minimum stay in jail is certainly fine by us. He will also have to register as a sex offender upon release, whether that be 2009 or 2028.

    Contributor notes from Ripley
    During the Detroit, Michigan bust, we had a snow storm. Bad roads, very cold temperatures. Some of our predators decided not to come, because of the roads. But I think some of them would have hopped on one bare foot in the snow in order to get the chance to molest a child. That is sort of the case with Russell Schneider, except he didn't hop on one foot, he rode his bike.

    During the chat he said he would be there on his bike. I was thinking oh his motorcycle, but no, he meant his ten speed! I asked if he lived far, he said Ypsilanti which was about 10 miles away. I thought he was just jerking my girl around, (that does happen on occasion), but he was dead serious. Soooo about an hour and a half after he had set out, he still wasn't there. I thought yeah he was just messing with my girl, but then he called, he was in the area. I figured his feet must be frozen to the pedals, amongst other body parts frozen to the seat of the bicycle, but after getting lost and riding around the housing development, and calling my verifier a few more times, he finally knocked on the door. The Detroit LE was glad to bring him in out of the cold and take him to a nice warm jail cell.

    I am always happy to be instrumental in getting a predator off of the streets, but Russell really made me realize just how far some of these men will go in order to satisfy their demented desires. It took him 7 minutes to bring up a meet, and within an hour and a half he was on his way.

    Lots of credit for this bust goes to Pibb. She worked hard during this sting verifying predators, and in Russells case making sure he got the right directions to the house. We were almost ready to put out a spotlight so he could see it on his 3rd trip around the house. ( not really,haha!)

    Big thank you to the LE in Michigan, they worked long hard hours for this bust. They did an incredible job.

    This is our 286th conviction since June of 2004 and our 24th conviction for 2008 thus far.