• Conviction - ikeman_04 - Dennis Township, New Jersey

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    Report made 12/3/2009 11:58 PM PST

    ikeman_04 (03/28/07 8:11:21 PM): u need to be an eagle fan
    navybratcheers (03/28/07 8:11:23 PM): so eagles?
    ikeman_04 (03/28/07 8:11:30 PM): ohh yea most def
    navybratcheers (03/28/07 8:11:39 PM): k im an eagle fan now
    ikeman_04 (03/28/07 8:11:44 PM): lol good
    navybratcheers (03/28/07 8:11:53 PM): thats philly rite?
    ikeman_04 (03/28/07 8:11:57 PM): i like u even more now
    ikeman_04 (03/28/07 8:11:58 PM): yes
    navybratcheers (03/28/07 8:12:15 PM): hey ima dumb blonde but u will teach me rite?
    ikeman_04 (03/28/07 8:12:28 PM): lol i will teach u anything u want
    navybratcheers (03/28/07 8:12:35 PM): hmmmm
    navybratcheers (03/28/07 8:12:43 PM): like........
    ikeman_04 (03/28/07 8:12:48 PM): your wish is my command lol
    navybratcheers (03/28/07 8:12:56 PM): no yurs is mine
    ikeman_04 (03/28/07 8:13:16 PM): wow that sounds good to me
    navybratcheers (03/28/07 8:13:34 PM): i guess that makes us even then
    ikeman_04 (03/28/07 8:13:54 PM): i just hope i make u happy
    navybratcheers (03/28/07 8:14:07 PM): omg same here!!!
    ikeman_04 (03/28/07 8:14:12 PM): u do
    ikeman_04 (03/28/07 8:14:24 PM): i havent been in such a good mood since movin g
    navybratcheers (03/28/07 8:14:30 PM): yea im like all worried im gonna be a dork an all
    ikeman_04 (03/28/07 8:14:45 PM): lol thats nothing compared to mine huh lol
    ikeman_04 (03/28/07 8:14:53 PM): u seem really cool to me
    navybratcheers (03/28/07 8:15:00 PM): u do to!
    ikeman_04 (03/28/07 8:15:00 PM): u turn me on alot
    navybratcheers (03/28/07 8:15:04 PM): do i?
    ikeman_04 (03/28/07 8:15:07 PM): yes u do
    navybratcheers (03/28/07 8:15:17 PM): wow i like that
    navybratcheers (03/28/07 8:15:58 PM): i hope i dont disappiontt
    ikeman_04 (03/28/07 8:16:11 PM): lol there is no way u can disappoint
    ikeman_04 (03/28/07 8:16:22 PM): unless u werent who i think u are lol
    navybratcheers (03/28/07 8:16:30 PM): i am who i am
    ikeman_04 (03/28/07 8:16:33 PM): other than that u seem to be perfect
    navybratcheers (03/28/07 8:16:40 PM): no way!! i wish!!
    ikeman_04 (03/28/07 8:16:48 PM): for me u are perfect
    A 14 year old is perfect for you? Disgusting.

    John P. Donnelly (Date of Birth: 10/21/1985) was arrested as part of the New Jersey sting in March of 2007. Posting this is somewhat like a broken record, as he got what can be called the New Jersey \"special\" by receiving a sentence of parole supervision for life and registration as a sex offender. Not an adequate sentence by any means, but he has a very long life ahead of him for RSO status and parole supervision to be following him around. We can only hope this will keep him from being a repeat offender.

    The contributor for this chat was Mickey Finn.

    This is our 458th conviction since June of 2004, our 153rd conviction for 2009, and our 19th conviction in New Jersey thus far.