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    Report made 4/30/2010 11:37 AM PST

    talldreamy_doc (08/26/06 12:10:06 AM): im horny for you
    willowfilipino (08/26/06 12:10:16 AM): thats nice
    talldreamy_doc (08/26/06 12:11:14 AM): yeah..are you for me
    willowfilipino (08/26/06 12:11:31 AM): im more sad than horns but i would be if i had a promis :p
    talldreamy_doc (08/26/06 12:12:01 AM): a promise would make you wet for ke
    talldreamy_doc (08/26/06 12:12:03 AM): me
    willowfilipino (08/26/06 12:12:12 AM): yeah and i would be if i had u here too :p
    talldreamy_doc (08/26/06 12:14:20 AM): i would want you to touch yourself for me
    willowfilipino (08/26/06 12:14:31 AM): i would do that if u were here yeah
    talldreamy_doc (08/26/06 12:14:46 AM): make yourself wet for me
    willowfilipino (08/26/06 12:14:53 AM): if u were here i already would be
    talldreamy_doc (08/26/06 12:15:08 AM): and i would be so hard for you
    willowfilipino (08/26/06 12:15:12 AM): maybe
    talldreamy_doc (08/26/06 12:15:26 AM): no i would be....
    willowfilipino (08/26/06 12:15:35 AM): lol only one way to know :p
    talldreamy_doc (08/26/06 12:16:10 AM): you might have to suck it to make it real hard
    willowfilipino (08/26/06 12:16:19 AM): lol thatd be easy for u
    talldreamy_doc (08/26/06 12:16:33 AM): you would?
    willowfilipino (08/26/06 12:16:46 AM): yeah that easy
    willowfilipino (08/26/06 12:16:50 AM): for u sure i would
    talldreamy_doc (08/26/06 12:18:10 AM): and i would lick you at the same time
    willowfilipino (08/26/06 12:18:24 AM): that would be nice but now u just teasin u wont do that
    talldreamy_doc (08/26/06 12:18:50 AM): baby i will and put my tongue inside you
    Gee, who was led on what now? Welcome to convictiontown!

    The nature of things... most individuals we get arrested don't garner a lot of media attention, they get arrested, they plead guilty, and they get put on an RSO list and usually get jailtime. They go on with the rest of their lives, hopefully with a serious lesson learned about not trying to have sex with kids.

    Maurice Wolin chose a far more stupid path. He, being an arrogant individual with a lot of money, felt that his crime shouldn't count. He shouldn't have to register as an RSO! He shouldn't have to be put on trial! Dammit, he's a doctor, Jim! The arrogant outlook of a narcissistic predator. So he hired an attention-seeking expensive attorney who tried to smear us in the media. He fought the charges for over two years, spending a vast amount on a foolhardy legal defense. Due to this, he was the subject of countless media stories, attention in his home region... the kind of notoriety most sex criminals would seek to avoid.

    And for what? Blair Berk tried motion after motion, defense after defense. Everything you can claim AND the kitchen sink. Wolin spent a fortune, trying every hail mary play they could think of. Tried every claim you can imagine. Dragged out the legal process to an absurd degree. And at the end of the day, Maurice Wolin realized and recognized what most individuals facing our evidence understand far sooner in the process... it's airtight. So he pled no contest to the charges.

    Wolin received two months jail, three years probation and lifetime registration as a registered sex offender. The sentence was in line with the sentences given out to others from the sting operation. In fact, if Maurice Wolin had been as smart as the other 20+ people already convicted from that sting, he could have saved a ton of money, plenty of personal attention from the media and gotten the exact same sentence two years prior. As a post-script, his license to practice medicine had been revoked on an interim basis pending conviction and now that he's convicted, will be permanently revoked.

    Contributor notes from Xavier Von Erck
    I went into great detail regarding the log on the actual page with the chat conversation and will probably do a blog at some point regarding the Wolin case with some details not shown in the press before... but for now? Let's keep it somewhat simple!

    Wolin had money, and he hired a celebrity attorney who thought she had a pedigree that would intimidate judges, coerce the media into spreading her propaganda and win the case for Maurice Wolin. At the end of the day however, it doesn't matter how rich you are, or how fancy your lawyer is... the evidence is airtight. Going through the three or so years of Wolin and his attorney attempting to smear myself and the organization in the media wasn't a real problem, because at the end of the day I knew he would be convicted. The Sonoma County DA's office put a great prosecutor on the case, the evidence spoke for itself and the judges saw through the years of crap motions and desperate legal shenanigans.

    Thanks to Matthew Stapleton and those at the Petaluma Police Department for all their work on this and every other case, Bryan Staebell of the Sonoma County Prosecutors Office for his steady work on this case and everyone else that helped out regarding this overly drawn out case. It's always nice to see the justice system work, especially in cases of wealthy people who try to muck with the system.

    This is our 510th conviction since June of 2004 and our 10th conviction for 2010.