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    File originally posted on 12/1/2009 9:59 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 12/1/2009 9:59 PM PST

    har_a_lee (01/09/07 7:24:43 PM): my son just called but i didn't take it
    brooke_z93 (01/09/07 7:24:56 PM): i didn no u had a son
    brooke_z93 (01/09/07 7:25:00 PM): y didnt u take it
    har_a_lee (01/09/07 7:25:25 PM): it was blocked and i don't answer blocked calls
    har_a_lee (01/09/07 7:25:36 PM): he left a message
    brooke_z93 (01/09/07 7:26:05 PM): how old is he
    har_a_lee (01/09/07 7:26:08 PM): 26
    brooke_z93 (01/09/07 7:26:17 PM): u hav fun with him
    har_a_lee (01/09/07 7:26:35 PM): well he is in drug re-hab right now
    brooke_z93 (01/09/07 7:26:55 PM): im sorry
    har_a_lee (01/09/07 7:27:33 PM): he didn't sound good, i should call back
    brooke_z93 (01/09/07 7:27:47 PM): u better
    brooke_z93 (01/09/07 7:27:51 PM): im realy sorry baby
    har_a_lee (01/09/07 7:28:12 PM): it's ok...choices he made not me
    brooke_z93 (01/09/07 7:29:10 PM): i wish i culd hug u now
    har_a_lee (01/09/07 7:29:23 PM): ty
    har_a_lee (01/09/07 7:30:10 PM): i'd hug ya back
    brooke_z93 (01/09/07 7:30:26 PM): ur not married 2 his mom no more?
    har_a_lee (01/09/07 7:30:31 PM): no
    har_a_lee (01/09/07 7:31:22 PM): i have four kids he is the youngest
    brooke_z93 (01/09/07 7:31:30 PM): wow
    har_a_lee (01/09/07 7:31:51 PM): yeah now ya get the \"OLD\" picture
    Now if ionly you would get the \"OLD\" picture.

    Terry Alan Lee was arrested in January 2007 due to our IF work in Portland, Maine. Lee was charged with solicitation of a child by computer and gross sexual assault, and though he considered taking it to trial, he eventually pled guilty. He was sentenced to five years in prison, with four years of that suspended if he doesn't break any additional laws, and the sentence is followed by an additional three years probation. He will remain on the sex offender registry for the rest of his life with the usual restrictions.

    The contributor for this chat was Peppermint Patty.

    This is our 452nd conviction since June of 2004, our 147th conviction for 2009, and our 7th conviction in Maine thus far.