• Conviction - raidersdawg5 - Neenah, Wisconsin

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    File originally posted on 10/24/2013 5:00 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 10/24/2013 5:00 PM PST

    raidersdawg5 (09/24/10 8:25:47 PM): i really wanna see u
    danc1njazz (09/24/10 8:26:08 PM): i wanna see u too but like when shes not here k
    raidersdawg5 (09/24/10 8:26:16 PM): plz
    raidersdawg5 (09/24/10 8:26:18 PM): tonight
    raidersdawg5 (09/24/10 8:26:20 PM): im free
    raidersdawg5 (09/24/10 8:26:23 PM): we can make it work
    danc1njazz (09/24/10 8:27:12 PM): how shes gonna be home n i cant get out???
    raidersdawg5 (09/24/10 8:27:13 PM): ill do anything
    raidersdawg5 (09/24/10 8:27:24 PM): slip through a window
    danc1njazz (09/24/10 8:27:32 PM): why do u wanna see me tonight soooo bad???
    danc1njazz (09/24/10 8:27:36 PM): why cant u wait?

    Ryan Gidlof was a pushy predator. Once he decided he wanted to have sex with a child, he pushed the decoy daily to find a way to slip out of the house instead of waiting for a time her mother wouldn't be home. He was quite demanding, even insisting the decoy call him while he was at work at Hardees late at night. I'm sure the management of Hardees is proud of Ryan.

    Gidlof did show up at our sting house in Appleton, WI. He was arrested and charged with using a computer to facilitate a sex crime, and attempted second-degree sexual assault of a child. Ryan Gidlof accepted a plea deal that had him plead \"No Contest\" to a lesser charge of child enticement - sexual contact. For this he received a year in jail, 4 years of probation, and registration of a sex offender.

    This is our 575th conviction since June of 2004.