• Conviction - jtwant2play - Hudson, New Hampshire

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 10/20/2007 6:11 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 10/20/2007 6:11 PM PST

    jtwant2play (6:44:06 PM): what did u do over the weekend
    Shelly (6:44:21 PM): nuthin much
    Shelly (6:44:33 PM): were goin skiing this weekend 4 my bday
    Shelly (6:44:36 PM): im excited
    jtwant2play (6:44:44 PM): yes kewl
    jtwant2play (6:44:49 PM): where
    Shelly (6:45:02 PM): vermot
    Shelly (6:45:08 PM): vermont lool
    jtwant2play (6:45:10 PM): wow
    Shelly (6:45:22 PM): its not that far
    jtwant2play (6:45:30 PM): yes for u
    jtwant2play (6:45:36 PM): pat peak
    jtwant2play (6:45:38 PM): lol
    Shelly (6:45:42 PM): lol
    Shelly (6:46:00 PM): we go 2 magic mountain or maplee valley
    Shelly (6:46:06 PM): not sure which one were goin 2
    jtwant2play (6:46:08 PM): nice
    Shelly (6:46:10 PM): ya
    jtwant2play (6:46:38 PM): i have a magic mountain for u
    Shelly (6:46:44 PM): lol
    Shelly (6:46:46 PM): lol
    Shelly (6:46:49 PM): oh ya??
    jtwant2play (6:47:08 PM): yes you could slid down it
    Shelly (6:47:11 PM): lol
    Shelly (6:47:13 PM): ur funny
    jtwant2play (6:47:32 PM): up n down it as long as u like
    Another specimen of humanity for your perusal.

    John Trant decided to take a trip and unfortunately for it, it was quite a bad trip indeed. Arrested due to our information first work in New Hampshire, Trant ended up as our second New Hampshire conviction.

    Trant received overall, eight months in jail with three to six years suspended sentence. He breaks the law again, those go from suspended to active and Trant will be looking at some serious time. He gets active probation for two years and will have to register as a sexual offender.

    Contributor notes from Chandra Chai
    John Trant should have listened to himself when he first expressed doubt. He overcame that doubt fairly quickly and the phone calls and chats got pretty graphic and...varied you might say. He went from showing my persona images of adult sex toys to masturbating on web cam, to showing her porn videos he was watching online via his web cam.

    On \"her\" birthday, he got a birthday hat and a party horn to celebrate her birthday with her. As a matter of fact, when he showed up for the meeting, he brought a birthday cake with him for her. In the truck that had the back of it made up with blankets and the condoms he brought. Balloons for the birthday party, maybe?

    I did feel bad for the verifier, lookingtotheskies. I think she had a hard time understanding his strong New England accent. But, she did an awesome job! Many thanks to her!

    And I can never express how much admiration and respect I have for the Walpole PD and especially Sgt. Dick Westney. He and the Walpole PD were so accommodating and helpful.

    To me, Walpole, NH is the model Information First area. Sgt. Westney and I worked closely together during the chats and setting up the meets. He was available to me via his cell basically 24/7. I cannot imagine ever having a better group of people to work with than the Walpole PD, not to mention Cheshire County Attorney Kathleen O'Reilly. They are total professionals with the same commitment of getting these pervs convicted and away from children as we do here at PeeJ.

    This is our 232nd conviction since June of 2004 and our 111th conviction for 2007 so far.