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    File originally posted on 4/7/2011 6:06 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 4/7/2011 6:06 PM PST

    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:11:47 PM): remove your shirt now
    fizzlybearz (09/16/09 10:11:56 PM): what???
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:12:01 PM): i said
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:12:02 PM): i said
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:12:05 PM): remove your shirt now
    fizzlybearz (09/16/09 10:12:16 PM): ur kidding
    fizzlybearz (09/16/09 10:12:17 PM): rite
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:12:22 PM): no
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:12:23 PM): i am not
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:12:28 PM): i will tell u
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:12:32 PM): just see my pic
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:12:35 PM): and remove it
    fizzlybearz (09/16/09 10:12:42 PM): i dont really want to
    fizzlybearz (09/16/09 10:12:45 PM): this feels weird
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:12:58 PM): do that for me, suppose I am infront of u
    fizzlybearz (09/16/09 10:13:13 PM): i dont really like this
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:13:27 PM): dont u wanna take some feeling?
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:13:34 PM): some sexy feeling
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:13:37 PM): u will like it
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:13:40 PM): i tell u
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:13:49 PM): remove your shirt now
    fizzlybearz (09/16/09 10:13:55 PM): i dont want to
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:14:09 PM): it means u dont want to go ahead
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:14:15 PM): n dont wanna enjoy it
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:14:18 PM): ?
    fizzlybearz (09/16/09 10:14:22 PM): i dont understand
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:14:37 PM): just do whatever i say n u will enjoy it
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:14:39 PM): i promise
    fizzlybearz (09/16/09 10:14:50 PM): why i need my shirt off tho
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:15:02 PM): we r doing sex now
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:15:09 PM): i will tell u after then
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:15:15 PM): open your shirt
    fizzlybearz (09/16/09 10:15:24 PM): sex now?
    fizzlybearz (09/16/09 10:15:27 PM): on a comupter?
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:15:39 PM): i said open your shirt, u r my gf
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:15:43 PM): open it for me
    fizzlybearz (09/16/09 10:15:54 PM): i dont really like this
    fizzlybearz (09/16/09 10:16:10 PM): on the computer is weird
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:16:32 PM): dont think u r on computer
    fizzlybearz (09/16/09 10:16:37 PM): but i am
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:16:42 PM): imagine that I am there
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:16:46 PM): see my pic
    fizzlybearz (09/16/09 10:16:51 PM): i dont wanna pretend sex
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:16:53 PM): and remove it
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:17:20 PM): i said remove it,
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:17:32 PM): if u love me and wanna enjoy remove it
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:17:42 PM): i also removed my trunk
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:17:58 PM): i am just thinking about u
    fizzlybearz (09/16/09 10:18:12 PM): i dont understand
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:18:27 PM): Rylee, i said remove your shirt now
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:18:33 PM): will u or not?
    fizzlybearz (09/16/09 10:18:48 PM): i dont feel very good about it on the computer
    fizzlybearz (09/16/09 10:18:56 PM): it feels not special and weird
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:19:10 PM): do it for me. And then unhook your bra
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:19:17 PM): n remove it
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:19:23 PM): i tell u what to do
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:19:27 PM): u will enjoy
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:19:36 PM): do it
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:19:39 PM): it will be fun
    fizzlybearz (09/16/09 10:19:46 PM): how can that be fun
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:19:53 PM): i will tell u
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:19:57 PM): but first remove it
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:20:08 PM): i am telling u last time
    malhotra.mohit (09/16/09 10:20:15 PM): remove ur shirt if u love me
    Doesn't get much more creepy than that

    Mohit Malhotra had a very long log, with a lot of demands just as you saw above. Luckily, he was talking with one of us, rather than a real kid. And even more luckily, we have excellent police contacts! Yay!

    Malhotra was arrested and convicted, sentenced to ten years in jail plus probation, though that may be waived as he will also be deported by federal authorities. Either way, he won't be walking down the street anytime soon.

    Contributor notes from Star Kist
    I would like to thank the Leesburg Police Department, and especially Sgt. Vick, for all of the hard work and patience it took to bring Malhotra in. It was truly an honor to work with such a fantastic group of people. I would also like to thank Carmen Gija for her verification calls. I couldn't have done this without you!

    This is our 543rd conviction since June of 2004 and our 11th conviction for 2011.