• Conviction - wesleybrannen82 - Azusa, California

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    File originally posted on 4/15/2006 5:03 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 4/15/2006 5:48 PM PST

    wesleybrannen82 (9:41:10 PM): you dont want to try someting
    wesleybrannen82 (9:41:16 PM): you been thinking about
    wesleybrannen82 (9:42:07 PM): r u there
    katie13cali (9:42:13 PM): wel i duno i always dione watever the guy wanted
    wesleybrannen82 (9:43:33 PM): you not one of those cops or undercover a feder agent of any goverment agance are you?
    wesleybrannen82 (9:43:42 PM): lol
    katie13cali (9:43:57 PM): lol no
    katie13cali (9:43:58 PM): r u?
    wesleybrannen82 (9:44:35 PM): nope
    katie13cali (9:44:42 PM): lol
    wesleybrannen82 (9:44:54 PM): i just want to make sure you are really a girl
    katie13cali (9:45:04 PM): lol ya i can call u duh
    wesleybrannen82 (9:45:07 PM): and not those undercover people

    How's two convictions for one day treat you?

    This conviction took place in California. We worked with the Palm Springs department in order to take down a couple guys with them as they had a small sting already in operation. The results of the sting, including this individual, will be airing on an episode of COPS sometime this summer.

    Brannen decided to plea out to attempted lewd and lacivious acts. He faces up to eighteen months in jail as well as lifetime registration as a registered sex offender.

    Notes from the Contributor, Doctor Pepper
    The events that took place with this was also unreal for me. Two weeks from arrest to conviction. I am very proud of those in law enforcement who made this as swift as possible. I am forever grateful to those with Palm Springs LE and Riverside County DA's office for the events after the conversation in getting this man in prison.

    None of this could have happened without a wonderful team effort. All of those involved, or supporting this will be held dear to me for life. We have all put a dangerous person in prison, and we will continue to

    California is a very nice state to us nowadays, with this being yet another conviction there. This is our 12th conviction so far in 2006 and 52nd conviction since June of 2004. It's also our third conviction thus far in the month of April. This marks Doctor Pepper's first conviction as a contributor for the website.

    Special thanks to the Palm Springs police and prosecutors who worked on this case. A nice, swift and speedy resolution that serves all parties well, especially ol' Wesley.