• Conviction - daddyreyes062000 - Gainesville, Florida

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    File originally posted on 11/2/2009 11:27 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 11/2/2009 11:27 PM PST

    daddyreyes062000 (11/17/06 8:20:32 PM): So what do you do go to school or something
    fl_butterflies92 (11/17/06 8:20:58 PM): ya lol
    fl_butterflies92 (11/17/06 8:21:03 PM): 14 f fl u
    daddyreyes062000 (11/17/06 8:21:45 PM): a little older then you ok just to tell ya but I am no perv I am 28
    daddyreyes062000 (11/17/06 8:22:02 PM): just looking for a chat buddy
    fl_butterflies92 (11/17/06 8:22:04 PM): kewl
    fl_butterflies92 (11/17/06 8:22:11 PM): where u at
    daddyreyes062000 (11/17/06 8:22:25 PM): Close to gainesville you
    daddyreyes062000 (11/17/06 8:22:42 PM): I bet guys hit on you alot huh
    fl_butterflies92 (11/17/06 8:22:43 PM): north east lol
    fl_butterflies92 (11/17/06 8:22:56 PM): sum most r jerks
    daddyreyes062000 (11/17/06 8:23:24 PM): so any other pics of you i got one of me if ya wanna see
    fl_butterflies92 (11/17/06 8:23:49 PM): ya i got 2 on my ms page did u c those
    daddyreyes062000 (11/17/06 8:24:03 PM): ms page?
    daddyreyes062000 (11/17/06 8:24:18 PM): is that myspace
    fl_butterflies92 (11/17/06 8:24:21 PM): yes
    daddyreyes062000 (11/17/06 8:24:56 PM): mines is myspace.com/daddyreyes28
    daddyreyes062000 (11/17/06 8:27:08 PM): u as a friend on myspace as well
    fl_butterflies92 (11/17/06 8:27:35 PM): kewl i wil add ya ina bit wehn i sign in there
    daddyreyes062000 (11/17/06 8:28:47 PM): not trying to sound out of line but you are a smoking hott girl
    What were you saying exactly about not being a perv?

    What kind of creep trolls the internet looking for children to have sex with while having an internet that references the fact that he's a father? Michael Robert Reyes, that's the kind of creep. Reyes pled no contest to attempted battery and computer pornography and child exploitation. He has to register as a sex offender and received ten years probation. The terms of his probation and register, per usual, include many conditions, and so he will have to stay on the straight and narrow for many long years to avoid jail time.

    The contributor for this chat was Charlotte Russe.

    This is our 375th conviction since June of 2004, our 71st conviction for 2009, and our 27th conviction in Florida thus far.