• Conviction - photofrog1962 - Norfolk, Virginia

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 11/5/2009 6:29 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 11/5/2009 6:29 PM PST

    photofrog1962 (10:34:40 PM): so... would u like to go to the beach?
    nohollabackbrooke (10:34:46 PM): ya!
    nohollabackbrooke (10:34:57 PM): mom nevr takes me
    photofrog1962 (10:35:19 PM): hmmm...
    photofrog1962 (10:35:29 PM): u got swim suits?
    nohollabackbrooke (10:35:37 PM): ya
    photofrog1962 (10:35:42 PM): how many?
    nohollabackbrooke (10:35:48 PM): 2
    nohollabackbrooke (10:36:01 PM): but i need a newe 1
    photofrog1962 (10:36:06 PM): ok...
    photofrog1962 (10:36:15 PM): would u model in them for me?
    nohollabackbrooke (10:36:25 PM): ya
    nohollabackbrooke (10:36:43 PM): i think it wuld be kewl 2 be a model
    photofrog1962 (10:36:49 PM): u not shy?
    nohollabackbrooke (10:36:59 PM): kinda
    photofrog1962 (10:37:21 PM): ok...
    photofrog1962 (10:37:43 PM): would u be able to stay out over nite?
    nohollabackbrooke (10:39:16 PM): mom is goin out of town on 17-20 4 some trainin
    nohollabackbrooke (10:39:18 PM): g
    nohollabackbrooke (10:39:34 PM): so i gess i culd
    photofrog1962 (10:39:36 PM): your like 3 hours from me... if u come to the beach here it would have to be for an overnite...
    photofrog1962 (10:39:46 PM): you'll be alone?
    nohollabackbrooke (10:39:47 PM): i cant drive
    nohollabackbrooke (10:39:51 PM): ya
    photofrog1962 (10:39:55 PM): I know... I do...
    I am glad he said \"no sex\" earlier in the chat otherwise I might get the impression that he had bad intentions.

    This conviction is being posted quite late. The conviction itself is from the summer of 2007 and the arrest is from the fall of 2005, which followed the taping of the second episode of Dateline's To Catch a Predator in Fairfax, Virginia. The conviction got lost in the shuffle due to the contributor having retired, which is unfortunate because it is a great one to post. Dennis Thomas pled guilty in military court to three offenses: False official statement, attempting to communicate indecent language to a minor, and online solicitation of a minor. He received 66 months confinement, a significant loss in rank, and a bad conduct discharge.

    The contributor for this chat was Sam Adams.

    This is our 387th conviction since June of 2004, our 83rd conviction for 2009, and our 12th conviction in Virginia thus far.