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    File originally posted on 10/27/2010 2:03 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 10/27/2010 2:03 AM PST

    mack916@sbcglobal.net (06/17/10 11:55:17 PM): so anything u wan atalk about
    gurlz_can_ride2 (06/17/10 11:55:38 PM): idk whatever
    gurlz_can_ride2 (06/17/10 11:55:43 PM): what u do for fun?
    mack916@sbcglobal.net (06/17/10 11:56:08 PM): i like to go to the beach snow hang out with friends sex
    gurlz_can_ride2 (06/17/10 11:56:50 PM): cool love the beach and snow and friends but never tried sex yet
    gurlz_can_ride2 (06/17/10 11:57:01 PM): i love my dirt bike too
    mack916@sbcglobal.net (06/17/10 11:57:17 PM): o sweet ur active thats nice
    gurlz_can_ride2 (06/17/10 11:57:36 PM): yea
    gurlz_can_ride2 (06/17/10 11:57:46 PM): dont wanna get like fat or something lol
    mack916@sbcglobal.net (06/17/10 11:57:58 PM): i am sure u wont
    mack916@sbcglobal.net (06/17/10 11:58:15 PM): do some excersise and no mcdonalds u be ok
    Perhaps there is an upside to taking your kid to McDonalds all the time, avoiding guys like this

    There are slimy pedophile douchebags and then there's Makhan Sanghera. He's pretty much the poster-child for slimy pedophile douchebags. From his greasy look to his by-the-pedo-numbers chat, this guy had one intention from the word go: finding a \"virgan.\"

    Luckily, he found one of our contributors and thereby found six months in jail, five years probation and a lifetime of registration as a sex offender.

    Contributor notes from Pepper Jack
    Makhan Sanghera, or Mack decided he would hit up a 12 y/o girl. He easily could have left when he found out her age but he didn't. Instead merely 8 minutes into the chat he was asking if she was a virgin and when she said yes it just seemed to make him more excited. Learning things about her like, she had not even started her period or begun to grow hair \"down there\" seemed to not turn him away but turn him on. He wasted no time at all coming to see her. He was going to treat her like a princess which is all any 12 y/o girl wants, just not the way he described it.

    Trying to have sex with minors is obviously a behavior pattern for him since he has chatted with several of our contributors for the last 4 years and if he is chatting with us he is chatting and potentially meeting with real kids.

    Makhan plans to hide this from his family, and it appears he has been able to hide a double life from them for a while now. I would love to know how exactly he plans to hide 6 months in jail, 5 years probation and a lifetime of sex offender registry from them though. I guess that will make going to those family/school functions kind of difficult since your not allowed anywhere children congregate anymore.

    It is very satisfying to get any of these guys off the streets but Mack will always hold a special place in my vomit bucket for how vile his chats were and that he was my very first conviction.

    This is our 515th conviction since June of 2004 and our 15th conviction for 2010.