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    File originally posted on 11/3/2009 9:39 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 11/3/2009 9:39 PM PST

    nampamale1958 (04/27/07 10:25:44 PM): you are a pretty young lady
    14 year old girl (04/27/07 10:25:50 PM): aww well thank u
    nampamale1958 (04/27/07 10:25:56 PM): you are welcome
    nampamale1958 (04/27/07 10:26:03 PM): if i were younger, i would ask you out
    14 year old girl (04/27/07 10:26:09 PM): oh yah?
    nampamale1958 (04/27/07 10:26:11 PM): the boys at your school must like you a lot
    nampamale1958 (04/27/07 10:26:13 PM): yep
    14 year old girl (04/27/07 10:26:38 PM): well sum have asked me out but my old bf was enough to make me not wanna date them rite now anyways lol
    nampamale1958 (04/27/07 10:26:50 PM): you have plenty of time
    14 year old girl (04/27/07 10:26:58 PM): yah i aint in a big hurry
    nampamale1958 (04/27/07 10:26:59 PM): boys your age are not very mature
    14 year old girl (04/27/07 10:27:07 PM): omg i know it!!
    nampamale1958 (04/27/07 10:27:19 PM): not that guys any age are very mature
    nampamale1958 (04/27/07 10:27:21 PM): most guys
    14 year old girl (04/27/07 10:27:24 PM): lol
    14 year old girl (04/27/07 10:27:30 PM): welli hope i find at least one mature one
    nampamale1958 (04/27/07 10:27:40 PM): you found me ;)
    Ah, it's ye old classic groomer, with all the usual groomer compliments and sweetness.

    Phillip Lewis Durfee received 180 days in a penitentiary and had to undergo treatment and counselling for psychosexual disorders. He did well in his treatment and passed a polygraph about any previous history of molestation and rape, so his prison sentence of 5-15 years was suspended in favour of probation. He also received some fines and must register as a sex offender with the usual restrictions. He may have convinced his counselors that he can recover, but one has to be thankful that there is a the back up of RSO status to hopefully keep him away from minors.

    Contributor notes from Ripley
    I first met Phillip Durfee when I was in the JC program, he was one of the first predators I ever talked to. I was new and just learning the ropes. He was very polite and well mannered. When he showed me his picture,he looked innocent and he was so polite that I thought he was just a lonely person that wanted someone to chat with. Boy was I wrong!! I soon came to learn just what a skilled predator he was. As sometimes happens when you are learning the ropes, I made a mistake in his chat and was no longer able to continue it. I kicked myself for that, as I truly believed he was a dangerous man and needed to be caught. I went to work in a different area, but I never forgot him.

    When I graduated from the JC program I decided to make another profile and sit in an Idaho chatroom. It didn't take long for Phillip to hit up the new girl. I chatted with him for about 9 nine weeks. He hadn't changed his tactics much, except that he was a bit bolder. He thought he was so smooth, and if I really was a 14 year old, he would have kept my head spinning with his constant game playing. He tried hard to twist his intents so that my persona would believe that any sex or meet intent looked like her idea. He would throw out a comment intended for her to "get her hopes up", then take it back. He always told her he would do anything she wanted, but SHE had to ask. I really hated that about him. I am just glad he ran into a contributor from PeeJ instead of a real child.

    I hope that Phillip learned his lesson. Hopefully his counseling will help him with the changes that he badly needs to make. I am happy that he has been stopped, and if he ever decides to start back up. We will be here waiting. I hope he sincerely has changed and he will leave children alone. My mind wants to believe it, but after a few years of being a contributor, my heart is full of doubt.

    Big thanks to Cliff Johnson and Bill Deetz of the Filer, Idaho police department, for taking this man off the streets. They are two of the best.

    This is our 380th conviction since June of 2004, our 76th conviction for 2009, and our 5th conviction in Idaho thus far.