• Conviction - bud448002 - Anaheim, California

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    File originally posted on 5/3/2008 12:17 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 5/3/2008 12:17 AM PST

    bud448002 (12/28/2005 9:38:08 PM): have u evry had sex with girl
    eveaintsogreat (12/28/2005 9:38:11 PM): no
    bud448002 (12/28/2005 9:39:07 PM): would u every try it
    eveaintsogreat (12/28/2005 9:39:18 PM): i dont like girls like that
    bud448002 (12/28/2005 9:39:22 PM): ok
    bud448002 (12/28/2005 9:46:11 PM): u pick something to talk about here
    eveaintsogreat (12/28/2005 9:46:26 PM): u work?
    bud448002 (12/28/2005 9:46:36 PM): yes
    eveaintsogreat (12/28/2005 9:46:48 PM): wat u do
    bud448002 (12/28/2005 9:47:08 PM): work for food store
    eveaintsogreat (12/28/2005 9:47:34 PM): u go to college?
    bud448002 (12/28/2005 9:47:44 PM): no
    bud448002 (12/28/2005 9:51:19 PM): hi
    eveaintsogreat (12/28/2005 9:51:35 PM): hi
    bud448002 (12/28/2005 9:58:17 PM): r u naked now
    bud448002 (12/28/2005 9:58:29 PM): where the computer at
    eveaintsogreat (12/28/2005 9:58:54 PM): no im not naked. y wud i be
    bud448002 (12/28/2005 9:59:05 PM): i am jack off

    Well, you're certainly not Jack Charisma.

    Michael Seibert is a unique fellow. He's the first individual to be featured in two separate conviction write-ups. Seibert, as some likely know, is the fellow that showed up to two different \"To Catch a Predator\" stings and... basically said the same thing both times. Oops. Seibert was already sentenced on the second instance, he received 42 months in jail.

    On this first case but second sentence, he received time that will be spent concurrently, rather than consecutively. Why? We haven't the foggiest. We're glad he's still in jail, but the justice system can be a perplexing and silly labyrinth sometimes.

    Contributor notes from Van De Camp
    Ah Michael, how glad I am to be done with you. Though if I go ahead with my gut instinct, knowing you, I'd say I'll be seeing you shortly after you get out of prison. People like this \"man\" don't learn. Why? Because they don't care. They don't care about anything but themselves and their \"needs\". If my gut is right, and we see him again, we'll still be here. Waiting. Watching. Like always.

    For some reason I'll never understand, this case finished after his second one. This conviction stems from our first encounter. He was your typical fast mover here. He had no qualms about talking to a minor sexually. He didn't hesitate for even a millisecond. He never bothered to show me a picture of his face or anything during this chat. Just his penis. I guess he thought that was the only important thing to get out of the way. Interesting train of thought right there.

    I've had the opportunity to chat with a lot of sick bastards in my time working for this organization. Sometimes they stick with you and sometimes they don't. The cases that have stuck to me the most are vamale, can_i_rape_you_anally, and this guy right here. Each were \"special\" in their own way. If you look at Michael's chats, you'll noticed they are pretty much identical. He says the same things. He wants the same things. It was like a horrible case of dj vu. You know, like that crappy movie Groundhog Day.

    I'm disappointed with the sentence. It is going to be served at the same time as his other sentence so he won't spend an extra day in jail despite having done this twice and that's ludicrous if you ask me. Granted his first sentence of 42 months is decent, it's not long enough, in my opinion, for someone who has done this twice with no hesitation. Laws really need to be changed to ramp up the penalties for these crimes. If other states could take a hint from how Georgia is doing things we'd all be in a better place. Hint hint, nudge nudge. I am happy that he is behind bars and that he will enjoy RSO status after he gets out.

    Thank you to my verifier, Red Baroness. Talking to this guy is a confusing nightmare, I know. It's not easy and she did a great job as usual. Thank you. Verifiers can never get the full credit they deserve for the work they do. A lot of times, they can make or break a case. It's very important work so I thank all the verifiers for their work.

    Thank you to the Riverside Sheriff's Department and all the other agencies that worked with us on this sting. They did an excellent job of keeping things moving even when we had 3 guys showing up at a time. Kudos.

    This is our 273rd conviction since June of 2004 and our 11th conviction for 2008 thus far.