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    File originally posted on 8/5/2010 6:53 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 8/5/2010 6:53 PM PST

    luvs2eaturpeach (11/12/06 3:04:55 PM): IVE MET A LOTA COOL FOLKS FROM HERE
    luvs2eaturpeach (11/12/06 3:05:06 PM): & SOME ASSHOLES 2
    lindsay_was_here1993 (11/12/06 3:05:35 PM): u meet them for real u mean?
    luvs2eaturpeach (11/12/06 3:05:42 PM): I HAVE A FEW
    lindsay_was_here1993 (11/12/06 3:05:50 PM): wow
    luvs2eaturpeach (11/12/06 3:06:04 PM): MOST LIE ABOUT WUT THEY LOOK LIKE
    luvs2eaturpeach (11/12/06 3:06:11 PM): SOME TELL THE TRUTH
    lindsay_was_here1993 (11/12/06 3:06:13 PM): lol rlly?
    luvs2eaturpeach (11/12/06 3:06:21 PM): U KNOW FOLKS WITH FAKE PICS & SHIT
    lindsay_was_here1993 (11/12/06 3:06:35 PM): wat do they rlly look like when u meet them?
    luvs2eaturpeach (11/12/06 3:06:47 PM): SEVERAL HAVE BEEN FAT,LOL
    luvs2eaturpeach (11/12/06 3:06:52 PM): :-&
    lindsay_was_here1993 (11/12/06 3:06:56 PM): lmao
    luvs2eaturpeach (11/12/06 3:07:04 PM): & I LIKE EM SLIM & PETITE
    lindsay_was_here1993 (11/12/06 3:07:15 PM): nuthin wrong with that
    luvs2eaturpeach (11/12/06 3:07:18 PM): IF I CANT TOTE EM, I WONT POKE EM, LOL
    Another one who wasted time and money trying to fight the inevitable

    Todd Spikes is a former Alabama police officer who showed up at a Dateline sting in Florida. He fought the charges for years, literally, trying to wiggle out of them. Of course, when you're dealing with the evidence we bring to the table, all you can do is delay the inevitable.

    Spikes was one of the more disturbing individuals to arrive at a sting location. In his car were weapons, a tarp, rope and quite a few other disturbing items. He was heavily focused on by NBC, due to the random disturbing assortment of items in his car and of course, due to his past as a law enforcement officer.

    Video link: Spikes being interrogated

    Spikes was sentenced to ten years sex offender probation and lifetime registration as a sex offender. His attorney put it best: \"We took the deal because we considered the risk of a trial\" - Precisely.

    Contributor notes from Ripley
    Although this chat took place 3 years ago, no matter how many times I have gone over it, it still makes me sick to my stomach. Over the years i have become a bit hardened to many things, but I don't think I will ever become hardened enough not to let the extent that predators will go to, in order to meet young girls, chill me to the bone.

    Todd Spikes showed up in Flagler Beach, Florida to meet what he thought was a 13 year old girl. He drove 5 and a half hours with guns, knives, a chainsaw, rope, duct tape, a tarp, cameras, video equipment, pornography and laptops. Everyone at the bust house had gone home when he had failed to show, and we sort of chalked it up to a predator that changed his mind. He called our decoy (VandeCamp) before he came to the house, and she quickly got ahold of LE, and after he stopped in front several times, and drove away, they picked him up.

    Throughout the course of the chat, he mentioned several times that he was an EX cop, but he was actually an acive duty member. His chat is one of the filthiest and creepiest I have experienced so far, and although I have bolded several exchanges throughout, there are still many more that I didn't. I think it will speak for itself.

    Van played a crucial role in getting Spikes arrested. After he talked to her on the phone he was convinced that the girl was real, and without her to answer the phone when he got there, he may have simply just drove back home. Thanks for all of your help Van.

    Thanks to all LE and all the members of peej for their role in getting this predator off the streets.

    This is our 511th conviction since June of 2004 and our 11th conviction for 2010.