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    File originally posted on 6/13/2008 2:16 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 6/13/2008 2:16 AM PST

    chicago_naperville (08/22/06 11:30:49 PM): how long it last for your period?
    carlykicksbutt93 (08/22/06 11:31:03 PM): how long does it last?
    chicago_naperville (08/22/06 11:31:08 PM): ys
    carlykicksbutt93 (08/22/06 11:31:15 PM): i dunno a few days
    chicago_naperville (08/22/06 11:31:39 PM): u dn't know about your self?
    carlykicksbutt93 (08/22/06 11:31:53 PM): sometimes its longer than others
    chicago_naperville (08/22/06 11:32:09 PM): when is last one?
    carlykicksbutt93 (08/22/06 11:32:35 PM): like 2 weeks ago
    carlykicksbutt93 (08/22/06 11:32:42 PM): why?
    chicago_naperville (08/22/06 11:32:58 PM): knowledge for preg
    carlykicksbutt93 (08/22/06 11:33:06 PM): oh
    chicago_naperville (08/22/06 11:33:08 PM): Do u know?
    chicago_naperville (08/22/06 11:33:12 PM): about it?
    carlykicksbutt93 (08/22/06 11:33:14 PM): know waht?
    chicago_naperville (08/22/06 11:33:24 PM): period and pregnut
    carlykicksbutt93 (08/22/06 11:33:47 PM): i dont know what you meen
    chicago_naperville (08/22/06 11:34:07 PM): there is relationship btwn them
    chicago_naperville (08/22/06 11:34:12 PM): Do u know?
    carlykicksbutt93 (08/22/06 11:34:43 PM): i know that you cant get preggers if you havent started yet
    chicago_naperville (08/22/06 11:35:21 PM): within 3 days after ur period, even sperm in virn, no preg
    carlykicksbutt93 (08/22/06 11:35:41 PM): oh
    chicago_naperville (08/22/06 11:35:55 PM): or 3 days before that
    chicago_naperville (08/22/06 11:36:01 PM): same thing
    carlykicksbutt93 (08/22/06 11:36:10 PM): kay
    chicago_naperville (08/22/06 11:36:16 PM): U dn't know
    chicago_naperville (08/22/06 11:36:19 PM): ?

    We've seen a lot of incorrect reproductive advice over the years, and that one ranks right up there.

    Bing Liang showed up to the Petaluma, California edition of \"To Catch a Predator\" expecting to practice his reproductive advice on a thirteen year old girl. Rather, he got to meet Chris Hansen and get arrested. His chat was long, winding and rather typical of what we see from internet predators.

    Liang has been sentenced to ninety days in jail, three years probation, lifetime registration as a sex offender and a bevy of other probationary restrictions. Hopefully, somewhere in there is a class on how female reproduction works.

    Contributor notes from Gloria Jean
    Despite an alleged language barrier, Bing Liang: a 36 year old software developer from China, made his intentions to rape a (virgin) 13-year-old child, readily apparant.

    Felon Liang is going in my \"Conviction Scrapbook\" in a special position...he was my first arrest. Although I'd like a better sentence, I'm happy that Liang will be able to think about what he's done while he sits in jail for 90 days. He's subject to search and seizure over the course of his three-year probation, must do puplic service and he must register as a sex offender. I believe \"jail\" is a universal word, isn't it?

    This is our 277th conviction since June of 2004 and our 15th conviction for 2008 thus far.