• Conviction - tim_myers3 - Oakhurst, California

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 7/18/2005 9:42 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 7/18/2005 11:21 AM PST

    Today we have our third conviction in the last three weekdays to post. Tim Myers of California. Myers hit up our contributor Lucky, who took him to local LE. Local LE got us in touch with an ICE agent who was more than happy to take over the screen-name, firm up the meet and put Myers behind bars.

    The very nice thing about this case is that Myers will be going behind bars for a very long time. Under his plea agreement, he will be receiving no less than five years in jail with a maximum possible of thirty. Likely he'll get the five, as the prosecution has recommended the minimum of sixty months in jail. That's the minimum he can receive, however, the judge has discretion to sentence him to more. His sentencing will be in late September.

    Notes from the Contributor, Lucky
    I have been waiting very impatiently for Tim's day in court. He really got to me- to the point I needed to take a few days off from entering chat rooms. His desperation was quite scary. He asked my persona to do some things that no adult should ask of a 12 year old girl.

    Detective Ward of Madera County was VERY helpful and hooked me up with Special Agent Prado of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security-ICE. I forwarded all the chat logs I had to Agent Prado, who then took over my screen name so he could arrange a meet. They were able to set up the meet and Tim met up with Special Agents instead of the little girl he was hoping for.

    It was rewarding to have ICE take over the case, but I have been on nails waiting to hear what happened! My new fave word= allocute

    Lucky's reference is to the plea agreement which has Myers do a form of allocution, so to speak. Confessing to the crime in direct and explicit terms to the court. We've obtained a six page .PDF detailing the case and terms of the agreement.

    Download: A copy of the proceedings/agreement from our website in .PDF format

    Updated statistics - This is our 24th conviction since June of 2004. The conviction of Myer's marks our 17th conviction since January 1st, 2005, a rate of well over two convictions a month. This is our second conviction in California this year. If Myers receives even the minimum sentence, it will be the longest jail term served thus far. This also marks our third conviction in as many business days (weekdays). Lastly, this is our fourth conviction thus far in July.

    We'd like to thank Detective Ward and Special Agent Prado in receiving and continuing this case to completion. Their hard work should be appreciated by all Perverted-Justice.com members. It is always a pleasure to work with proactive LE that realizes how ugly a crime solicitation really is.

    Lastly, the conviction map has been updated. Enjoy!

    Red = One conviction, Blue = Two convictions