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    File originally posted on 11/6/2009 3:49 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 11/6/2009 3:49 PM PST

    pal03_2004 (10/05/08 9:20:36 PM): I meet one girl one here a couple years ago that her mom wants us to be together and I talk to her on the phone a few times and was making plans but her dad job changed and then moved and never got to
    14 year old girl (10/05/08 9:21:03 PM): awww
    14 year old girl (10/05/08 9:21:06 PM): how old was she?
    pal03_2004 (10/05/08 9:21:35 PM): 14
    14 year old girl (10/05/08 9:21:52 PM): kool
    pal03_2004 (10/05/08 9:22:58 PM): yes and it was nice her mother wanted us to but it never got to happen
    14 year old girl (10/05/08 9:23:17 PM): thats sad
    pal03_2004 (10/05/08 9:24:16 PM): :) well you will get to be the one and I am glad
    14 year old girl (10/05/08 9:24:38 PM): where did she move to?
    pal03_2004 (10/05/08 9:25:23 PM): i think it was Texas
    14 year old girl (10/05/08 9:25:28 PM): awwww
    14 year old girl (10/05/08 9:25:37 PM): wat was it like when u met her? was it weird
    pal03_2004 (10/05/08 9:26:41 PM): not really because we both wanted to and also knew it was ok with her mom
    14 year old girl (10/05/08 9:27:05 PM): thats rlly kool
    14 year old girl (10/05/08 9:27:11 PM): did u guys fool around?
    pal03_2004 (10/05/08 9:27:56 PM): no never got to because they moved
    One has to hope that Fredrick Davis was lying because if he wasn't, though he wasn't able to rape that girl, she has parents out there willing to pimp her out to elderly men.

    Fredrick Davis is a 66 year old man, yet he was attempting to rape a 14 year old girl. He tried to groom her, make her feel special, told her he loved her, and then he was going to molest her. Thankfully it was a PeeJ contributor on the other end with Michigan law enforcement to back her up. Davis received 1-20 years in prison, fines, and was ordered to undergo sex offender treatment.

    Contributor notes from Ripley
    Frederick Eugene Davis was part of the Grand Rapids sting back in October of last year.He was captured on video entering the house. I will never forget the look on his face as the excellent law enforcement officers put him against the wall. He was so furious, that the anger just oozed from him.

    I will also never forget what a skilled groomer he was, and how disgusting his chat was. Every time I had to chat with him it was the same old thing over and over. I got so sick of hearing what he wanted to do that it was hard just knowing he would be online, and I would have to talk to him that night.I was very happy when the day of our sting arrived, and I would no longer have to listen to his perverted desires.

    He was very worried that my persona would not like him once she saw him. He had good reason to worry about that. He was truly one of the most repulsive men I have chatted with. If he had had any sense at all he would have realized that the chances of a 14 year old girl wanting to have sex with him was almost non-existent,add to that what a scumbag he was,and he would have realized that the chances were zero.

    I am very glad that he was arrested and put away. His sentence is:

    1-20 years MDOC
    $60 CVR fee
    $60 state costs

    He also has to undergo sex offender treatment.

    This is our 391st conviction since June of 2004, our 87th conviction for 2009, and our 37th conviction in Michigan thus far.