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    File originally posted on 11/3/2005 1:52 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 9/6/2006 9:48 PM PST

    What can we say... the one you've demanded is now convicted. Pedro's writeup has all the information. Sentencing will be complete in December, but Kaye, who has been incarcerated since May without bond, will be in jail the entire time leading up to his sentencing. Under federal guidelines, both counts he had been convicted on require a minimum each of five years in federal prison. The maximum? 30 years on each count in federal prison.

    Media: Washington Post - Rabbi caught on TV is convicted of sexual solicitation

    Notes from the Contributor, Don Pedro
    This case against the Rabbi David Kaye has been one of the more harrowing ones that I have been involved with. At first, he was just like any other guy who solicits me for sex online. However, after the airing of the second Dateline: To Catch A Predator, the notoriety of this bust shot through the roof. While we Perverted Justice members were not surprised that a rabbi had hit me up for sex, the general public was shocked and outraged.

    Once it became apparent that Fairfax, Virginia would not be able to prosecute Rabbi Kaye, I contacted his local jurisdiction. Time passed, and I heard nothing back from law enforcement. When a few calls went unreturned, I thought that the case had reached a dead-end as far as law enforcement was concerned. So, I posted the rabbi to the main page after the airing of the Dateline episode.

    To my surprise, I was contacted by the F.B.I. a few months later. They had received the information that I had provided to the rabbi's local jurisdiction. The U.S. Attorney wanted to prosecute the rabbi based solely on Perverted Justice's information. Of course I agreed to cooperate in any way possible.

    In mid-May of this year, I travelled to the Washington, D.C. area to testify before a Grand Jury. The Grand Jury decided to indict the rabbi based on Perverted Justice evidence. The rabbi was then arrested. A magistrate reviewing the case decided to deny bail to the rabbi based on Perverted Justice evidence, fearing the rabbi was a danger to the public. The rabbi languished in prison while waiting for his trial.

    The trial took place August 21 and 22, 2006. Both myself and the verifier in the case, Del Harvey, were there. I was the first witness called in the trial. I was on the stand approximately 4 hours. While it was an ordeal, I also had the luxury of the truth on my side, along with a solid chatlog.

    Del Harvey was instrumental in getting David Kaye to show up at the house. Her court-expert certified voice of a 12-13 1/2 year-old boy had David Kaye believing that he was going to meet up with an actual 13-year-old. David Kaye was equally revolting on the phone as he was in chat, and Del deserves a lot of credit for this case.

    I cannot begin to say enough positive things about the extremely hard working F.B.I. agent and the two U.S. Prosecutors that I worked with on this case. While Del Harvey and I did the first part, these tenacious workers saw the vileness of what the Rabbi David Kaye did and tirelessly persued the case to the very end. Although Perverted Justice saw to it that the Rabbi David Kaye lost his job and saw to it that his community knew what he did, the F.B.I. and the U.S. Prosecutors saw to it that Rabbi David Kaye paid for what he did with what hurts the most - the loss of liberty.

    To the F.B.I. agent: Thank you so much for everything. The F.B.I. is a stronger agency because of agents like yourself.

    To the Assistant U.S. Prosecutors, Ed Power and Gerald Smagala: Thank you for your hard and tireless work on this case. The case could not have been in more capable hands. Thank you for seeing the strength of the Perverted Justice evidence and knowing that you could prosecute balls-to-the-wall using it.

    To His Honor Judge James C. Cacheris, thank you for analyzing this case as closely as you did. The extra effort you put into looking at the evidence and shooting down all logical avenues for appeal show that you take your job with the seriousness that it deserves.

    I hope that everyone can now see that it's been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that what we do here at Perverted Justice is the real deal - we catch real bad guys. Real bad guys that belong in jail. And that, my friends, is where the Rabbi David Kaye will hopefully be for a very long time.

    This is our 75th conviction since June of 2004 and our 35th conviction for the year 2006 thus far. Not to mention, one of our most anticipated convictions of the year. The case against Kaye was well known and there was much outrage from the public and ourselves that he was not prosecuted immediately. However, things could not have worked out better with the case going federal. We're very pleased with this conviction, VERY, VERY pleased indeed.