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    File originally posted on 4/29/2010 7:57 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 4/29/2010 7:57 PM PST

    michguyhere (10/05/08 8:41:34 PM): U behaving on here?
    michguyhere (10/05/08 8:41:38 PM): not surfin porn r U?
    michguyhere (10/05/08 8:41:46 PM): not talkin trash to the guys?
    karyn_isme (10/05/08 8:41:57 PM): no lol
    karyn_isme (10/05/08 8:42:10 PM): well yea - no - no
    michguyhere (10/05/08 8:42:10 PM): k
    karyn_isme (10/05/08 8:42:11 PM): lol
    michguyhere (10/05/08 8:42:18 PM): yea-no-no?
    michguyhere (10/05/08 8:42:21 PM): ok
    michguyhere (10/05/08 8:42:22 PM): got it
    karyn_isme (10/05/08 8:42:26 PM): lol
    michguyhere (10/05/08 8:42:26 PM): no cam huh?
    michguyhere (10/05/08 8:42:29 PM): dang it
    karyn_isme (10/05/08 8:42:32 PM): na sorry
    michguyhere (10/05/08 8:42:37 PM): want to see what U really look like!
    karyn_isme (10/05/08 8:42:38 PM): r u larry?
    michguyhere (10/05/08 8:42:41 PM): yea
    michguyhere (10/05/08 8:42:44 PM): is that ok
    karyn_isme (10/05/08 8:42:50 PM): my pic is here-->
    michguyhere (10/05/08 8:42:53 PM): I'm an old perv, but harmless
    We beg to differ. Thankfully, so do Michigan LE and the Michigan AG's office.

    Larry Lee Sypolt was arrested in mid-2009 as part of the follow up to the Grand Rapids, Michigan sting of the fall of 2008. He pled guilty to a count of using the computer/internet to communicate with another to commit a crime and to a count of using the internet for a crime. He received five years probation, had to register as a sex offender and attend sex offender treatment. He also faces several thousand dollars in fees and restitutions, and he cannot possess a computer while on probation.

    Contributor notes from Irish Rose
    For a month Larry Lee Sypolt groomed who he thought was a 14 year old child. He tried to gain her trust and be her confidant, giving her advice about life and love. He told her she was smart and gorgeous. He was also very graphic in his attempt to educate her about sex, repeatedly asked for revealing pics, and talked about what it would be like when they met. He discussed wanting her to be his submissive and he the dom, describing to her what that would be like. He wanted to be her teacher/master with the child as his student/slave. He showed her images of nude women in bondage. The obsessiveness Sypolt demonstrated in this chat was alarming. He seemed to be totally fixated on this child, trying to create a relationship. He asked detailed information about her location, and was laying out plans to meet the child. I'm glad it was me and not a real child being exposed to all of this. This was not the first time Sypolt hit up a child online, which I know because he hit up one of my other decoy personas in March of 2008. Larry Sypolt did not actually show up to meet, but in Michigan, that doesn't matter. His actions of soliciting a child during the course of the chat were enough to charge him and get a search warrant.

    I testified at the preliminary hearing in this case, but the case never made it to jury trial, as he decided to plead guilty. He was sentenced to probation, sex offender registration and he must attend sex offender treatment. In addition to fees, he can not possess a computer while on probation as well as other restrictions, and he had to forfeit the computer seized in the search warrant. Law enforcement, the attorney General's Office and the judicial system in Michigan are sincerely making an effort to protect children from predators.

    This is our 508th conviction since June of 2004, our 8th conviction for 2010, and our 68th conviction in Michigan thus far.