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    Report made 10/27/2013 3:22 PM PST

    yayitskc95 (08/06/09 11:56:24 PM): im not sharing my popsicle though no matter how nice you are.
    yayitskc95 (08/06/09 11:56:27 PM): jk
    krazythug_692000 (08/06/09 11:56:45 PM): ill stick it in u and taste it then
    yayitskc95 (08/06/09 11:56:56 PM): huh?
    krazythug_692000 (08/06/09 11:58:19 PM): ill talke put it in ur pussy and lick it
    krazythug_692000 (08/06/09 11:58:23 PM): silly
    yayitskc95 (08/06/09 11:58:37 PM): really, you can do that with one or are you joking?
    krazythug_692000 (08/06/09 11:58:47 PM): yea
    krazythug_692000 (08/06/09 11:58:49 PM): u can
    yayitskc95 (08/06/09 11:58:56 PM): wow
    yayitskc95 (08/06/09 11:59:06 PM): you want to do that with me?
    krazythug_692000 (08/06/09 11:59:12 PM): hell yea
    yayitskc95 (08/06/09 11:59:24 PM): omg that is something i never heard of.
    krazythug_692000 (08/06/09 11:59:43 PM): man o man
    yayitskc95 (08/07/09 12:00:03 AM): what
    krazythug_692000 (08/07/09 12:00:15 AM): u have a lot to be taught

    Yes, Brett. That's the first thing every 14-year-old thinks of doing with her grape popsicle. Of couse she has a lot to learn. She's *14* and shouldn't be learning anything from a predator like you!

    Brett Andrew Maloney didn't show up at our sting house, but was arrested by the fine folks with the Michigan Attorney General's Office due to his repeated webcam exposure to what he believed was a child. He was initially charged with Using the Internet to Accost a Child for Immoral Purposes and Using the Internet to Disseminate Sexually Explicit Materials. He eventually pleaded guilty to two counts of Using COmputers/Internet Communicating with Another to Commit a Crime.

    Maloney received two years of probation and registration as a sex offender.

    This is our 582nd conviction since June of 2004.