• Conviction - jinxman555 - Grand Rapids, Michigan

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    File originally posted on 3/20/2016 5:20 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 3/20/2016 5:20 PM PST

    jinxman555 (05/28/15 11:24:12 AM): I didn't know I would fall in love with you
    clayla13 (05/28/15 11:25:01 AM): I didn't know that would happen :)
    jinxman555 (05/28/15 11:26:25 AM): I wish society would think that it's okay
    clayla13 (05/28/15 11:26:39 AM): what do u mean
    clayla13 (05/28/15 11:28:53 AM): u mean because ur older?
    jinxman555 (05/28/15 11:32:46 AM): Yeah and you are so young
    clayla13 (05/28/15 11:33:41 AM): that doesnt matter to me. i dont care
    clayla13 (05/28/15 11:33:59 AM): :x
    jinxman555 (05/28/15 11:34:42 AM): I don't either :x
    jinxman555 (05/28/15 11:34:49 AM): But the law does
    clayla13 (05/28/15 11:35:56 AM): ok. we should b careful. I dont want to get in trouble
    jinxman555 (05/28/15 11:40:30 AM): Yes we should be
    jinxman555 (05/28/15 11:40:55 AM): But I'll wait as long as it takes for you to be officially mine :x
    clayla13 (05/28/15 11:40:53 AM): hugs
    clayla13 (05/28/15 11:41:27 AM): I am
    clayla13 (05/28/15 11:41:42 AM): :)
    jinxman555 (05/28/15 11:41:49 AM): :-*
    clayla13 (05/28/15 11:42:10 AM): :-*
    clayla13 (05/28/15 11:45:48 AM): so u want to wait
    jinxman555 (05/28/15 11:46:10 AM): No ...I just want to be careful
    jinxman555 (05/28/15 11:46:14 AM): I can't wait

    Michael Van Houten was, on the surface, the type of man you'd never expect to try to rape a child. He has been married to the same woman for 20-some years, father to two teenagers (one of them a girl about the same age as our decoy), has a successful career, is a member of the gospel band The Northern Soul with his brother and sister, and is Minister of Worship Arts at Grace Christian Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, MI. He's very involved with his church and the youth at his church, when he's not online soliciting sex from a child.

    Michael is still all those things, even after his conviction on felony charges of child solicitation. He was sentenced to 1,095 days in the Indiana Department of Correction, with credit for time served of six actual days and two days good time credit. The remaining 1,087 days are to be served on supervised probation to include GPS monitoring for the entire probationary period. Michael also must register as a sex offender.

    Notes from the Contributor, Boris:
    Michael began this five month long chat with a fake age, name, and location. Later he admitted that he was older and married, giving his real name and location. He repeatedly described different sex acts he was hoping to engage in with the 14 year old middle school student. Michael shared X-rated pics and planned two different meetings but did not show due to the distance. It was hard for him to plan a trip leaving his family, job, and church with a 6 hour road trip both ways. With the help of the Dubois County Prosecutor's Office, he was arrested. Thank you to Det. Sgt. Rick Chambers and the Jasper PD for all of their hard work.

    This is our 594th conviction since June of 2004.