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    File originally posted on 1/2/2009 11:42 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 1/2/2009 11:42 PM PST

    lorne_a_20014 (09/26/07 10:59:42 PM): first i want to make out with you
    lorne_a_20014 (09/26/07 11:00:08 PM): then while i'm making out with you, i want to start feeling your boobs
    lorne_a_20014 (09/26/07 11:00:24 PM): then i want to take off your shirt and bra
    lorne_a_20014 (09/26/07 11:00:48 PM): then i want to start sucking on your nipples:\">
    lorne_a_20014 (09/26/07 11:01:16 PM): then i'm gonna move my hands down to your pants or skirt, whatever you decide to wear
    lorne_a_20014 (09/26/07 11:01:22 PM): and take them off
    lorne_a_20014 (09/26/07 11:01:46 PM): then i'm gonna take off my clothes
    lorne_a_20014 (09/26/07 11:02:05 PM): then i'll have you suck on my penis:\">
    lorne_a_20014 (09/26/07 11:02:25 PM): then i'm gonna lick and suck on your clit
    lorne_a_20014 (09/26/07 11:02:35 PM): and stick my finger in you
    lorne_a_20014 (09/26/07 11:02:57 PM): then i'm gonna stick my penis in you:\">:-*:x
    You know, getting a conviction in these cases is usually incredibly easy. Can't imagine why... hmm.

    Lorne Armstrong was quite graphic in his desires and that chat... well, let's just say that chat is longer than War and Peace in the big font for people who can't see well to read. Double spaced. Lorne laid it all out there, and likely wasn't very happy when some of Kentucky's finest laid out his future in prison when he was arrested.

    He was sentenced to seven years in jail, with 20 years as a registered sex offender.

    Contributor notes from Sherry Twist
    I met Lorne during a GLEMB in Bowling Green, Kentucky that aired on Dateline, To Catch A Predator in December last year. When he first contacted me he said, \"if nobody will talk to you sweetheart you can talk to me........i'm a good guy, i have 2 nieces your age\" A good guy?

    A good guy doesn't solicit sex from a 13 year old and drive 85 miles to met her with a box of 14 condoms in his truck, in order to take her back to his apartment to spend the weekend. Or a good guy wouldn't expose himself to a 13 yearold on his webcam almost every night for a month. He also said she would be as safe with him as she would be with her own parents. Lorne thought he was so clever and so smart that he was not going to get caught and go to jail.

    He showed up on his birthday, but I don't think he got the birthday present he thought he was going to get. He didn't get to have sex with the 13 year old girl he thought he was going to,instead, he met Chris Hanson and the KBI. Happy Birthday Lorne. It looks like you will be spending the next few birthdays in prison. He plead guilty to federal charges and was sentenced to five years in Federal Prison and Life time registration as a sex offender. Also, he plead guilty to state charges and was sentenced to seven years in state prison with 305 days credit for time served, since he has been in the County jail in Bowling Green since his arrest on October 18th of last year. State sentence to run concurrent with Federal sentence and sex offender registration required by the state for five years upon release. I guess the judges didn't think you were a good guy either, Lorne.

    Thank you to my phone verifier, Southern Aphrodite, she did an awesome job, as always. Also, thank you to State Attorney General, Greg Stumbo; the KBI and the Bowling Green LE for keeping Kentucky's children safer from guys like this.

    This is our 305th conviction since June of 2004 and our 2nd conviction for 2009 thus far.