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    File originally posted on 10/1/2005 1:13 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 2/2/2006 5:19 PM PST

    waynev_1999 (10:18:59 PM): i have a cam and stroke on cam sometimes
    waynev_1999 (10:19:10 PM): for a female that is playing too
    Sherry (10:19:32 PM): relly
    waynev_1999 (10:19:36 PM): thats what i took one of those pics with
    waynev_1999 (10:19:38 PM): yes
    waynev_1999 (10:20:01 PM): would u or do u like to see a guy stroke his cock

    Wayne pedalled up during our Las Vegas Group Media Bust to meet what he thought was a thirteen year old for sex. Instead, he met burly investigative reporter Glen Meek. Today, he met his own guilty plea as he entered a plea of guilty to Attempted Lewdness of a Child under 14. He will be sentenced on April 3rd for this crime.

    Notes from the Contributor, Chandra Chai
    Wayne Vanderleest was my first bust. I had been a contributor less than a month when we started working on the Las Vegas Group Media Bust. It was quite shocking to me how quickly he sent me email photos of his genitals and how he masturbated on web cam to what he thought was a 13-year-old girl.

    It was also my first dealings with Law Enforcement as a contributor. I must say that they could not have been more pleasant or helpful. Kudos to the Las Vegas Metro PDís Detective Moniot, and Department of Parole and Probationís Officer O'Connell and especially Sergeant Page. I cannot imagine a better group of people to have worked with on this. I have learned much from them and will always remember and appreciate their dedication.

    But, perhaps most of all, this case shows the importance of our Follow Up crew. The work that they do is invaluable. It just goes to show you, it really does take a village.

    Everytime we get a conviction off a Group Media Bust, it makes us all very happy. Not only do GMB's with local media get to show the public the face of the danger the internet poses to their children and teenagers, but they build a iron-clad record of when, what and who. Who broke the law, when they did it and what they said to do so.

    This is our first conviction in Nevada, as such, we have updated the official Perverted-Justice.com conviction map of the United States:

    Perverted-Justice.com Conviction Map

    Officially 25 different states!

    As you can see, this conviction marks our official halfway point, convictions in half the country since June of 2004. That means we've achieved convictions in 25 different states in only 20 months, something we're very, very proud of. Of course, this marks our 47th overall conviction in that same time-frame as we continue to average well over two a month. This is our first conviction for February 2006 coming off a successful six convictions in January 2006, making a total of seven convictions thus far early into 2006.

    Yes, we love stats. As an illustration of the difference already between this year and 2005... last year between January 1st 2005 and February 2nd 2005, we had one conviction. We ended up with 33 convictions for the year. This year between January 1st and February 2nd, we have seven convictions. We continue to up our productivity as we continue to expand and evolve naturally. Thanks to all the law enforcement we have worked with to make this happen and all those we will work with in the future to knock off the rest of the country.