• Conviction - Daveeatsyou - Puyallup, Washington

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 8/3/2005 4:30 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 8/3/2005 4:33 PM PST

    We wanted to get August off to a good start and it looks like we're on our way already. Today's conviction is of David Gartner who asked for and took a plea agreement. Our work with police on Gartner was covered by KIRO-TV up in Seattle found at this link. Gartner's chat-log was not posted until today at the request of law enforcement, who asked us to wait until conviction to do so.

    Gartner hasn't been sentenced yet, but the agreement is expected to garner him six months in prison, registration as a sexual offender for life, mandatory payment and attendence to sexual offender counseling for the rest of his life and if he commits any other sex-related offense, he goes to prison without trial for seven years, automatically.

    Notes from the Contributor, Almond Joy
    David Gartner was my first LE bust. He really made my skin crawl. I have waited a while for this one and am glad to see it have some closure.

    I was working the Washington State regional rooms in February 2005 posing as a 13 year old female child when I was approached by daveeatsyou, who identifed himself as 32 years old. David got sexual right away, gave out his phone number in less than ten minutes and, as we all now know, showed up for a lewd encounter with a child. He was right on time, luckily there was not a real child waiting for him.

    Instead he met Detective Unfred and the Lakewood Police, some of my favorite Law Enforcement. David was not 32 as he had said, but 41 and married, with children. He spent some time in jail as his bail was pretty high, rightly so. He will spend the rest of his life talking to a therapist about his problem, all at his expense, mandated by the state.

    Updated statistics - This is our 25th conviction since June of 2004. The conviction of Gartner marks our 18th conviction since January 1st, 2005, a rate of over two convictions a month. This is our second conviction in Washington State in the last two months.

    We'd like to thank Detective Unfred and the members of the Lakewood police department who arrested Gartner, as well as the forensics and prosecutors who really made quite the effort to ensure that he had not molested anyone prior. The entire arrest and prosecution of this man was as professional as law enforcement can get, with no real stones left unturned when it came to finding out if he committed any acts prior. The city of Lakewood should be proud to have such great law enforcement in their area!

    Lastly, the conviction map has been updated. Nice to see some more states turning blue for us.

    Red = One conviction, Blue = Two convictions