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    jeremykeister (03/30/07 10:42:41 PM): r u a cop
    katie_kat_1993 (03/30/07 10:42:52 PM): wat?!!!
    jeremykeister (03/30/07 10:42:57 PM): just aslking
    katie_kat_1993 (03/30/07 10:43:07 PM): i aint no cop!!
    jeremykeister (03/30/07 10:43:16 PM): or working wiht one
    katie_kat_1993 (03/30/07 10:43:23 PM): omg that dumb lol
    katie_kat_1993 (03/30/07 10:43:24 PM): srry
    jeremykeister (03/30/07 10:44:02 PM): no I have to ask because there are cops on here that will set up guys that will go hang out with gils your age
    jeremykeister (03/30/07 10:44:14 PM): It is illegal by the law
    katie_kat_1993 (03/30/07 10:44:21 PM): well i aint no cop
    jeremykeister (03/30/07 10:44:28 PM): ok
    Yet he still showed and was arrested, of course

    Jeremy Keister, who went by the screenname jeremykeister (it was really hard figuring out who he was), arrived at our Ocean County, New Jersey TCAP sting operation, got grilled by Chris Hansen and that... really, oddly, was the worst part of the whole thing for ol' Jeremy.

    He was sentenced to a whole two days in jail, no RSO status or fines, no probation. Well, we can't sentence them, all we can do is work at getting them arrested. Fortunately, his posting on the site will help google remind people to keep their kids away from him.

    Contributor notes from Ripley
    Jeremy Keister had an agenda. He was looking to have sex with a child, but he didn't want to be the one to take her virginity. If she had already had sex, even if it was only once, then his conscience was clear. He felt it was his duty to show her just how enjoyable sex was and to make her \"cum\", as he so eloquently put it. He talked to 10 other contributors before he found my persona, and upon discovering that she had had sex, then he was on a mission to come show her just how wonderful sex was.

    When he got to the house he was very leery, but when Chris Hansen came out, he sat down and had a chat. He knew what he showed up for was illegal, but his desire to have sex with a child was worth the risk to him. He even shook his hand before leaving to face his arrest.

    He was sentenced to a whole 2 days in jail, no sex offender registration, no fines to pay, and no probation.

    This is our 538th conviction since June of 2004 and our 6th conviction for 2011.