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    File originally posted on 2/14/2007 7:07 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 2/14/2007 7:20 PM PST

    needafriendtotalkto2005 (07/18/06 9:43:09 PM): Nina I want never kill you
    lilninabell (07/18/06 9:43:17 PM): GOOD
    lilninabell (07/18/06 9:43:18 PM): omg
    lilninabell (07/18/06 9:43:21 PM): lol
    needafriendtotalkto2005 (07/18/06 9:43:25 PM): what baby
    lilninabell (07/18/06 9:43:30 PM): that wuld sux
    lilninabell (07/18/06 9:43:33 PM): if u kilt me
    needafriendtotalkto2005 (07/18/06 9:43:37 PM): Iwant
    needafriendtotalkto2005 (07/18/06 9:44:06 PM): if I do anything to you. my big dick may hert going in to your little pussy

    This a line he needs to remember for the future.

    It's still February 14th, 2007 that we're posting this... which means another Valentine's conviction for you and your's! John Adam Daniels got the \"Harris County Special\"... he was sentenced to ten years in jail and will serve a minimum of five years, provided he's a good model prisoner.

    If he's not, he'll serve the entire stretch. Once he gets out, he'll have about ten years of probation to look forward to and a lifetime of registered sexual offender status. Georgia gets it done!

    Notes from the Contributor, Almond Joy
    I was working the Dateline Georgia Sting when John Adam Daniels found my 13 year old decoy persona, \"Nina\", in a regional Georgia Yahoo chat room. He was full of compliments for \"Nina\" and despite the fact that he was 12 years older than her stated age of 13 he made his intentions clear. He tried to impress her by showing his penis on webcam. I can certainly say that my spouse was not impressed when he got an accidental glimpse when my soon to be patented penis shield slipped off the monitor during evidence collection.

    Daniels was quite persistent. Despite a Yahoo outage on Saturday during the Sting, the conversation was continued over text messaging via his cell phone and after his arrest it was discovered that he had his mother look up the direction to the \"girls\" home and write them down for him. He cleverly told her that he was going to a job to build cabinets. Not so clever after his employer saw him on Dateline wearing a hat with their logo on it. He quickly became a former employee.

    Daniels was a recipient of the \"Harris County Special\"; he received 10 years in the Georgia DOC for attempted Child Molestation, a minimum of 5 to be served along with 10 years probation for attempted Statutory Rape, to be served consecutively. That means he will serve 20 years of probation after he serves 5 years in the Georgia prison system. He will also have to register as a Sex Offender for the rest of his life. He has several special provisions attached to his probation, including no contact with minors, either through his job or volunteer activities. He cannot reside with a minor, including his own children (if he ever has any) unless his PO gives him special permission. He cannot posses any kind of images of minors or any sexually oriented materials, even of adults. He cannot call 900 sex lines or go to any place that allows access to sexually stimulating material. He cannot hitchhike or pickup any hitchhikers, nor drink or use drugs and will be subject to a drug test at any time. He cannot use the Internet in any way. He cannot ever rent a Post Office box without express written consent from his PO. He must also keep a log of everywhere he drives and make it available at all times for inspection. As part of his RSO, he must actively participate in a child abuser/sex offender counseling program approved by his PO and the Court at his expense.

    He will remember his date with Chris Hansen for a large part of his life, at least there was not a real \"Nina\" that will remember her date with John Adam Daniels for her entire life.

    This is our 147th conviction since June of 2004 and our 26th conviction for 2007 so far. This is the second of many Georgia convictions to come!