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    File originally posted on 2/22/2007 9:17 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 2/22/2007 5:07 PM PST

    Email Sent to HAIRYONE4U@aol.com @ 15:55:03
    SUBJECT: (no subject)
    Contents: 3 Faceshots of \"me\"

    Email Received from HAIRYONE4U@aol.com @ 15:52:58
    Subject: (no subject)
    CONTENTS: 4 photos: #1)faceshot; #2)genitalia;
    #3)genitalia; #4)genitalia

    One face, three genitals. The reality of being online.

    Richard Nuss drove across state lines to meet what he thought was a thirteen year old boy. In reality, it was of course one of our decoys. Thanks to our around-the-clock \"Information First\" program, we were able to get the arrest and conviction easily.

    Here is his full conviction report...
    -Defendant pleads guilty to counts 1 & 2
    -Advised of possible consequences affecting deportation and citizenship
    -5 years formal probation
    -1 year OC jail
    -Credit for time served: 233 actual, 118 conduct, for a total of 349
    -Fines and fees totaling $640 plus restitution to be determined by probation dept
    -Sex offender registration
    -Submit DNA sample
    -The usual restrictions on drugs/alcohol/weapons
    -Counseling as determined by probation dept
    -Comply with additional probation requirements for sex offenders
    -Complete AIDS prevention program and submit to testing
    -Complete sex offender program
    -Not to reside anywhere a computer is kept or own any device with internet access
    -No access to any internet services without written PO approval
    -No porn, sexually oriented entertainment, massage parlors, phone sex, etc
    -No association with minors or frequenting places they congregate without adult supervision approved by PO
    -No photographic equipment
    -No volunteer work
    -Not to reside with any children under 18, including his own
    -No games, videos, or toys designed for children

    Yeah, that's the full reality of what an internet sex predator faces once convicted. With strong restrictions and decent sentences like these, we hope to see the seemingly infinite level of predators online be brought down to a more manageable level in the coming years.

    Notes from the Contributor, Seth Roberts
    Richard, 41, lived in Las Vegas. \"Chad\" 13 \"lived\" in Orange County, Calif. Richard drove 4 1/2 hours to get arrested in the parking lot of a Mall, after a week and a half of chat.

    I want to thank my Phone Verifier, General Tso, for an outstanding job being the voice of Chad.

    My gratitude to Westminster PD Detective Kevin McCormick for handling the arrest.

    My choice of Westminster Mall, and specifically Wendy's, is no reflection on them. I chose the location solely because I was familiar with it, and knew it would be easy for Richard to find.

    Every child online risks contact with a sexual predator like Richard. Every sexual predator, like Richard, risks contact with us.

    This is our 160th conviction since June of 2004 and our 39th conviction for 2007 so far.