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    File originally posted on 5/22/2009 4:23 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 5/22/2009 4:23 AM PST

    Usually we start off with a bit of chat at the top, just to highlight a section of chat that is unique or important. However, the chat-log of Zack Lawrence is simply too disturbing to do that with.

    Zack James Lawrence of Alabama hit up one of our contributors who had a Harry Potter name. Lawrenceknew all there was to know about the series, and used it in order to try to molest what he thought was a young girl. It's a classic pedophile approach, using something \"young\" in order to start up the conversation. From there, it went into some of the darkest corridors you'll see on this site.

    Lawrence was into every major pedophilia subset there is, whether it was infantilism (acting as an adult baby) to child necrophilia. His chat-log is not for the faint of heart, and we recommend anyone who has a risk of an emotional trigger from these sorts of subjects to certainly avoid reading his chat-log at all.

    Thankfully, Lawrence came across something that his crazy life could not escape, one of our contributors. He was arrested and charged with possession and distribution of child pornography. He was sentenced to 262 months in federal prison. To say we are happy with the sentence would be a gross understatement, then again, everything regarding the reality of this offender is just that: gross.

    Contributor notes from Summer Sangria
    lil_dyprd_baby (01/23/07 10:09:32 PM): now you've seen people older then you, but not your own age right?
    slytherin_house_grrl (01/23/07 10:09:42 PM): yeah
    lil_dyprd_baby (01/23/07 10:09:51 PM): care to see someone closer to your own age?
    slytherin_house_grrl (01/23/07 10:10:08 PM): yeah i gues
    slytherin_house_grrl (01/23/07 10:10:43 PM): whos taht?
    lil_dyprd_baby (01/23/07 10:10:57 PM): no one of importance

    I've read this chat through several times. And the above few lines never failed to make me angry when I read them.

    The \"person of no importance\" was actually a nine year old girl. Lil_Dyprd_Baby aka Zack James Lawrence showed me approximately 50 photos of her being exploited and victimized. Those photos set off a hunt to determine her identity as law enforcement considered her an \"unknown\" person at the time. (She was identified a few months after lil_dyprd_baby's arrest, through an investigation not related to this chat).

    Zack James Lawrence was an adult baby. During the course of our chat, he sent me numerous images and videos of child pornography. After the first incident of receiving these images, I notified law enforcement and worked under the joint direction of the Internet Crimes Against Children unit and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Several months after beginning our chat, Zack James Lawrence was arrested on charges relating to distribution of child pornography and sentenced to 262 months in federal prison (21 years and 10 months). Upon his release, Lawrence will have no unsupervised contact with children, lifetime probation and lifetime registration as a sex offender.

    I have edited this chatlog to remove discussions of Lawrence's son. I also edited out the names of the minors he claimed to be sexually active with. Though he claimed to be sexually active with his sister, in reality he had no sister and made up the stories to match photographs he found on the internet. The majority of children in these photos were known to law enforcement. Some of these pictures were identified during the investigation. To the best of my knowledge, the only photo that remains an 'unknown' is one of a young boy who appeared severely injured and possibly deceased. I mentioned in the chat that the child in the photo appeared dead and that remains my (and law enforcement's) belief today. I need to point out that Zack Lawrence had nothing to do with this child's injury/death. This was a photo he found on the internet and was attracted to it. (I won't go into the disgust I feel at any human's ability to be sexually aroused at the site of an injured/dead child). Along with child pornography, Lawrence sent several images of 'diaper porn', beastiality and furry porn.

    It was very clear to me that Lawrence felt his own needs took precedence over the suffering of the victims in the images he distributed. It gives me tremendous satisfaction to realize that those whom he considered \"of no importance\" were the strength behind his conviction.

    There are many people who deserve my thanks for their support through this chat. A major break in this chat came when Zack Lawrence called my \"phone\" as it gave his business phone number (he worked in a photo lab). Freddo was the first voice on my voicemail, pretending to be my Dad. Vande came in later as my underage profile on my voicemail. As the chat became more difficult, Pibb read through it, to make sure that I was staying within our protocol. When Lawrence wanted to chat in the early mornings, Scarlett was online and would chat with me to keep me both awake and to lighten what was a disturbing chat. I leaned heavily on Maxwell House and Big Mac for support as the chat became increasingly more disturbing. This was a difficult chat for me. Child pornography is one of the most hideous crimes I can imagine. Viewing a photo of a child who had been obviously hurt was very upsetting. There were times when I doubted my ability to continue and I will always be grateful to all of the contribs here for their support.

    Investigator Tim Byrd of ICAC was the original investigator on this chat until jurisdiction changed to the FBI. Tim was also a constant source of encouragement and his determination matched mine in making sure that this individual was identified and brought to justice. Upon being transferred to the FBI, Agent Cynthia Carreiro immediately stepped in along with Investigator Carl Carpenter (Jefferson County Sheriff's Department) to retrieve my hard drive and prioritize the forensics of it. Sgt Darryl Reid (Jefferson County Sheriff's Department) coordinated with the law enforcement of Zack Lawrence's area of residence for both the search and arrest. US Attorney Daniel Fortune was the prosecutor and did a fantastic job of presenting this case and asking for an appropriate sentence. I am extremely pleased with Lawrence's sentence and relieved that the children he did have contact with are now safe.

    This is our 324th conviction since June of 2004, our 21st conviction for 2009, and our 3rd conviction in Alabama thus far.