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    Report made 7/25/2007 9:02 PM PST

    marzain2002 (09/17/06 7:24:27 PM): well r u gonna stroke mine anytime i ask u :D
    marzain2002 (09/17/06 7:24:28 PM): lol
    13 year old girl (09/17/06 7:24:41 PM): i mite :P
    marzain2002 (09/17/06 7:25:10 PM): or would u rather me put it inside u
    13 year old girl (09/17/06 7:25:18 PM): for real?
    marzain2002 (09/17/06 7:25:36 PM): yeah
    13 year old girl (09/17/06 7:25:54 PM): :)
    marzain2002 (09/17/06 7:26:02 PM): u want that
    13 year old girl (09/17/06 7:26:08 PM): ya mebbe
    marzain2002 (09/17/06 7:26:25 PM): or am i gonna have to lick it
    marzain2002 (09/17/06 7:26:26 PM): lol
    13 year old girl (09/17/06 7:26:37 PM): u wanna?
    marzain2002 (09/17/06 7:27:00 PM): well ive done it to my ex gf do u want me to do it to u
    13 year old girl (09/17/06 7:27:17 PM): well i never had nebody do that but i herd its good
    marzain2002 (09/17/06 7:28:12 PM): alright well how bout i lick on urs for a while then u suck on mine for a while then ill put it in u

    You know when your attorney's best defense is that you're \"immature\", you're pretty much done for.

    Charles Clark was done for, but he wasn't done being done for with our conviction. After pleading guilty but prior to sentence, he was arrested yet again for internet solicitation... this time in Tennessee. Yeah, after his defense attorney went on and on about how he's never been in trouble, Clark got nailed again after the conviction in our case.

    Clark got a two year jail sentence in our case with three years probation and the lovely registration as a sex offender. Congratulation to Charles. Of course, that's in Kentucky. Later on in Tennessee he'll face another trial with yet another jail sentence.

    We're sure he'll mature quickly through this process though. /Sarcasm

    Contributor notes from Gloria Jean
    Charles Martin Clark, Jr. seemed to think that if he required a child to show herself on webcam before hooking up with her for sex, he wouldn't get caught and couldn't get in trouble. Well, he couldn't have been more wrong. After weeks of being subjected to his endless wanking on webcam, I was really disappointed when Charles suddenly decided to wank one final time and run. I am very grateful to the McCracken County District Attorney for arresting him anyway, based on his criminal acts. Charles and anyone reading this needs to understand that these vile acts of having sexually explicit conversations and masturbating on webcam are still serious and damaging crimes against children, whether they \"show up\" at our bust houses, or not.

    Charles Martin Clark, Jr. was sentenced to 2 years incarceration, 3 year conditional discharge, and he has to register as a sex offender. Thanks to the Kentucky Attorney General's office, the KBI and the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department for all their hard work on this sting.

    This is our 205th conviction since June of 2004 and our 84th conviction for 2007 so far.