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    Report made 10/22/2013 1:44 AM PST

    cseli606 (05/17/11 12:04:33 AM): do you know what role play is?
    miss.originality123 (05/17/11 12:04:50 AM): no
    cseli606 (05/17/11 12:04:59 AM): ok, can you google it?
    miss.originality123 (05/17/11 12:05:07 AM): is it like acting?
    miss.originality123 (05/17/11 12:05:10 AM): yea i can
    cseli606 (05/17/11 12:05:10 AM): yes!
    miss.originality123 (05/17/11 12:05:14 AM): ok lol
    cseli606 (05/17/11 12:05:19 AM): exactly like acting, but during sex.
    cseli606 (05/17/11 12:05:39 AM): like people will act like boss/secretary, nurse/patient and stuff
    miss.originality123 (05/17/11 12:05:48 AM): lol why?
    cseli606 (05/17/11 12:05:57 AM): to make it a little more fun
    miss.originality123 (05/17/11 12:06:10 AM): do u do that?
    cseli606 (05/17/11 12:06:35 AM): i want to, but you might think its gross or weird and not want me to come over
    miss.originality123 (05/17/11 12:06:42 AM): lol
    miss.originality123 (05/17/11 12:07:33 AM): it doesnt sound gross
    cseli606 (05/17/11 12:07:40 AM): the kind i want to would
    miss.originality123 (05/17/11 12:07:50 AM): what kind?
    cseli606 (05/17/11 12:07:58 AM): you would call me daddy.....
    miss.originality123 (05/17/11 12:08:12 AM): haha seriously???
    cseli606 (05/17/11 12:08:14 AM): yea
    miss.originality123 (05/17/11 12:08:25 AM): u really want me to?
    cseli606 (05/17/11 12:08:27 AM): i'm not a perv, just never tried that

    cseli606 (05/21/11 12:46:42 AM): Ok. Are you a cop? Lol
    miss.originality123 (05/21/11 12:47:14 AM): i think its rotar something park
    cseli606 (05/21/11 12:47:07 AM): Ok
    miss.originality123 (05/21/11 12:47:34 AM): lol im not old enough to be a cop
    miss.originality123 (05/21/11 12:47:52 AM): its really big park
    cseli606 (05/21/11 12:47:30 AM): You coukd work for them
    miss.originality123 (05/21/11 12:48:20 AM): why?
    cseli606 (05/21/11 12:48:24 AM): Cuz its illegal lol. Are u?
    miss.originality123 (05/21/11 12:49:14 AM): no
    miss.originality123 (05/21/11 12:49:31 AM): i dont like cops
    cseli606 (05/21/11 12:49:26 AM): Lol
    miss.originality123 (05/21/11 12:50:04 AM): they are ass holes mostly
    cseli606 (05/21/11 12:49:42 AM): Daddy's a cop in the air force
    miss.originality123 (05/21/11 12:50:21 AM): urs is?
    miss.originality123 (05/21/11 12:50:48 AM): oh u mean u?
    miss.originality123 (05/21/11 12:50:53 AM): omg daddy im sorry
    cseli606 (05/21/11 12:51:09 AM): Lol. Its ok baby
    miss.originality123 (05/21/11 12:51:58 AM): u get to fly planes???
    cseli606 (05/21/11 12:51:59 AM): No baby. I'm a cop

    Yeah, Chris. You are a perv. Wanting to have sex with a 13-year-old virgin while she calls you \"daddy\" certainly qualifies you as a perv.

    Christopher Earl Seliskar was active duty Air Force, and the Air Force takes a dim view of those who solicit children for sex. He was arrested by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office, and then prosecuted by the military.

    The Air Force sentenced Seliskar to three years of confinement, and lifetime registration as a sex offender. How'd that work out for you, Daddy?

    This is our 569th conviction since June of 2004.