• Conviction - hennessy1436 - San Francisco, California

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    File originally posted on 8/15/2007 9:21 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 8/15/2007 9:21 PM PST

    hennessy1436 (6:47:57 PM): do u have aim
    13 yr old Decoy (6:48:00 PM): no
    13 yr old Decoy (6:48:07 PM): is that the aol
    hennessy1436 (6:48:07 PM): oh
    hennessy1436 (6:48:33 PM): you should download it
    hennessy1436 (6:48:39 PM): its really easy to send pics and stuff
    13 yr old Decoy (6:48:44 PM): umm..
    13 yr old Decoy (6:48:52 PM): so is yim
    13 yr old Decoy (6:48:53 PM): silly
    hennessy1436 (6:48:55 PM): if u go to www.aim.com
    hennessy1436 (6:49:00 PM): u'll be there
    13 yr old Decoy (6:49:11 PM): wat do u work for aol?
    13 yr old Decoy (6:49:38 PM): photo shar is easy
    13 yr old Decoy (6:49:46 PM): and myspace is best of all
    13 yr old Decoy (6:50:26 PM): if its so kewl how come yr not on it now/
    hennessy1436 (6:54:03 PM): me
    hennessy1436 (6:54:05 PM): on aim
    13 yr old Decoy (6:54:15 PM): ur on yahoo
    hennessy1436 (6:54:27 PM): yeah but not on messagener
    hennessy1436 (6:54:35 PM): ok what ur email address and i'll show you my pic
    13 yr old Decoy (6:54:43 PM): k
    hennessy1436 (6:56:50 PM): oki'll message ur my pic
    13 yr old Decoy (6:57:07 PM): k
    hennessy1436 (6:57:29 PM): ok
    hennessy1436 (6:57:31 PM): there u go
    hennessy1436 (6:57:43 PM): i think i'm ugly so ...maybe u'll think different
    Or maybe not.

    Henry Guzman showed up for a sexual encounter with what he thought was a fourteen year old after only a two hour conversation. Now that is a fast mover. Guzman arrived at our Petaluma, California sting operation that was covered by Dateline.

    Guzman received four months jail, three years formal probation, 50 hours community service and registration as a sex offender. Not bad for two hours of work!

    Contributor notes from Capelli D'Angelo
    My chat with Mr. \"Hennessy\" was short, sweet and to the point. From Hi to Bye bye it was less than 2 hours.

    I had worked diligently on an elaborate back story, which included a phone from my dad, because he felt guilty for abandoning me, and my mom being absorbed with her boyfriend, and not only did Juan not care about my sad tale, he never even asked my name.

    For his efforts, Juan received:
    36 months formal probation
    50 hours community service
    4 months jail - stayed until August 3rd, 2007
    Registered Sex Offender Requirements
    all standard stipulations; no contact terms with minors etc.
    No computer, must turn over all passwords etc.

    This is our 218th conviction since June of 2004 and our 97th conviction for 2007 so far.