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    Report made 4/28/2008 2:23 PM PST

    dveightus (8:16:02 PM): I wasn't gonna mention it yet, but lookin at your pics drives me krazee 8-}
    dveightus (8:17:13 PM): plus i wuz hopin for a strawberry kiss :\">
    ima_beangirl2 (8:17:21 PM): :)
    dveightus (8:17:52 PM): mmmmm is that a yes????? ;)
    ima_beangirl2 (8:18:04 PM): 4 akiss yea
    dveightus (8:18:17 PM): <:-P woo hooo
    dveightus (8:19:27 PM): I wouldn't ask for more! That would be bad, I think.
    ima_beangirl2 (8:19:38 PM): lolz
    ima_beangirl2 (8:19:41 PM): y??
    dveightus (8:20:19 PM): well I ahhh :\"> you're makin me feel funny
    dveightus (8:20:39 PM): what else could I ask for?
    ima_beangirl2 (8:20:47 PM): i duno
    ima_beangirl2 (8:20:48 PM): lolz
    dveightus (8:21:59 PM): a hug too? >:D<
    ima_beangirl2 (8:22:27 PM): yea
    dveightus (8:22:54 PM): :x sigh
    dveightus (8:23:09 PM): you have ta ask me now
    dveightus (8:24:53 PM): heehee out of ideas? So do you have a bikini or a 2 piece suit?
    ima_beangirl2 (8:25:08 PM): both
    dveightus (8:25:33 PM): wow!! would you let me photograph you in the bikini?
    ima_beangirl2 (8:25:46 PM): ok
    dveightus (8:26:39 PM): that'd be kewl!! sooooo.....could I get my kiss from you in your bikini??
    ima_beangirl2 (8:26:55 PM): ok
    dveightus (8:26:58 PM): I wouldn't be in your bikini
    dveightus (8:27:48 PM): would you.....sit in my lap when u kissed me?
    ima_beangirl2 (8:28:00 PM): ok
    dveightus (8:28:30 PM): would you like my arms around your waist?? pulling you to me?
    ima_beangirl2 (8:28:50 PM): yea
    dveightus (8:29:22 PM): oh my *gulp* ;;)
    ima_beangirl2 (8:29:31 PM): ;;)
    dveightus (8:30:04 PM): what if my hand kinda slipped down around your back and was just a teensy bit below your waist?????

    What if you went to jail for five yea... oh wait, you have.

    This case resolution is a good example that convictions are still rolling in from 2006, even. This one stems from our Laguna Beach sting operation from over two years ago. As you'll see, the road to arrest took a while, but was well worth it. The justice system in some places moves quite slowly... but as you'll see, quite nicely as well.

    Avrum Fried got the following and quite comprehensive sentence...
    - 60 months
    - $2500 fine
    - Lifetime sex offender registration
    - Drug Treatment Program
    - No access to internet
    - No access to any minors
    - Psychological/Psychiatric counseling for Sex Offenders (must pay for this himself while on probation)
    - No mail drops or PO Boxes
    - Cannot live or loiter within 100 feet of places that minors use primarily (schools, parks, pools, playgrounds, etc.)
    - Cannot be employed or volunteer with minors

    Contributor notes from Almond Joy
    Way back in February and March of 2006 I had a 13-year-old decoy profile situated in Laguna Beach, California and was working with Sgt. Darin Lenyi of the Laguna Beach Police Department on a LE only group sting. I kept trying to \"close\" the decoy profile out and move to another area, however one guy kept hitting \"me\" up on MySpace. Obviously, he was begging to get arrested, so I let him have his wish.

    Since Mr. Fried was in Coos Bay, Oregon and the decoy was in Laguna Beach, California, Mr. Fried knew he would have to travel to see the decoy. He wasted no time and mentioned that his elderly father lived in Laguna Beach and that he visited him there often. I, in turn, wasted no time in getting
    him reported to Law Enforcement. Due to traveling across state lines and warrant issues, Sgt. Lenyi of the Laguna Beach Police Department put me in touch with a Special Agent in the Child Exploitation unit of the F.B.I., based in Southern California. When it was clear Mr. Fried was ready to travel I turned the profile over to Special Agent Christina Lewis to continue the chat and setup the meeting. About one week later I received a call from Agent Lewis telling me that Mr. Fried was in custody.

    Mr. Fried spent a lot of time telling \"Amy\" how other cultures are more advanced than the U.S.A. and some parents have sex with their minor children to teach them. He tries to explain some cultures in Africa, Tahiti and Borneo have different perspectives on sex with minors, including minors whose first sexual encounters are with their parents. What he was trying to do was convince the \"minor\" that a 13 year old having sex with a 58 year old was natural.

    After his arrest he was allowed to use the phone, of course the F.B.I. was monitoring said calls. He called his house sitter/house keeper and told her to destroy his computer. When she told him that the F.B.I. had already been to his house and threatened her with obstruction of justice charges if she did not cooperate with them and that they already had his computer he said \"Great, my life is over, I will spend the rest of it in jail.\"

    Mr. Fried has been in Federal Prison since his arrest. He petitioned the Judge for release, however the Judge was wise to him and said there were no conditions of release that would keep society out of harm or to insure that Mr. Fried would not flee.

    \"Mr. Fried's motion for revocation of detention order is denied. The Court finds by clear and convincing evidence that there is no condition of release or combination of conditions of release that will reasonably assure the safety of the community. The Court also finds that there is no condition of release or combination of conditions of release that will reasonably assure Mr. Fried's appearance at trial.\"

    After that he hired the McMartin Preschool trial lawyer, Walter R. Urban, thinking he could get him off. After Mr. Urban told him he broke the law and needed to take the deal offered by the US Attorney, he fired him and took a public defender. This did not do anything for him, as we all can
    see he is sentenced now.

    I would like to thank Sgt Darin Lenyi of the Laguna Beach PD, SA Christina Lewis and SA Neeki Starr and US Attorney Gregg Staples for their exemplary work on this case.

    This is our 272nd conviction since June of 2004 and our 10th conviction for 2008 thus far.