• Conviction - dhaval_bharucha - Lawrenceville, Georgia

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    File originally posted on 4/5/2016 11:59 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 4/8/2016 3:28 PM PST

    dhaval_bharucha (04/10/12 10:47:55 PM): you dont have any boobs right
    janicejstevens (04/10/12 10:48:03 PM): i got some
    dhaval_bharucha (04/10/12 10:48:09 PM): how small
    janicejstevens (04/10/12 10:48:20 PM): u mean like size? idk
    dhaval_bharucha (04/10/12 10:48:28 PM): u wear bra
    janicejstevens (04/10/12 10:48:35 PM): ya
    dhaval_bharucha (04/10/12 10:48:40 PM): wht color is it
    janicejstevens (04/10/12 10:48:47 PM): white
    dhaval_bharucha (04/10/12 10:48:54 PM): hmmm
    dhaval_bharucha (04/10/12 10:49:04 PM): i feel like i want to come now

    If you automatically assume the female you want to have sex with doesn't have boobs yet, she's way too young. Arvind Bharucha claims he's a virgin, just like little Janice. His plans would have changed that status.

    Bharucha is no stranger to being arrested for trying to have sex with children. He was already a registered sex offender when he contacted French Vanilla's decoy online. He received ten years of probation for his previous felony conviction. His conversation with our decoy was plenty to revoke that probation and send him to jail. Hopefully that was the wake-up call he needed, but probably not. He remains a registered sex offender in Georgia.

    This is our 601st conviction since June of 2004.