• Conviction - Chaznd74/Chaznd1974 - Fargo, North Dakota

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 12/12/2009 4:17 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 12/12/2009 4:17 AM PST

    chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:46:26 PM): well I usually try and find a camp ground that has a swimming beach
    chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:46:37 PM): and things to do near by
    chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:46:45 PM): we go fishing too
    breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:46:57 PM): omg. never mind. I don't want to hear more. I won't ever get to go camping. I will be totally jealous.
    chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:47:00 PM): at night we have a campfire and roast marchmellow
    chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:47:25 PM): you might get to go someday
    breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:47:42 PM): no, my mom hates it.
    chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:47:49 PM): ok
    chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:48:08 PM): you need to get a bf that likes it then
    breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:48:22 PM): yeah, thats true.
    chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:48:46 PM): my daughter loves it
    breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:48:54 PM): I know I would
    chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:49:05 PM): for me its alot of work, but I still enjoy it
    breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:49:13 PM): thats cool
    chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:49:24 PM): Child's name removed by La Victoria is starting to help me with the work
    chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:49:40 PM): getting the campsite set up, doing dishes
    chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:49:50 PM): and some of the cooking
    chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:50:01 PM): I get to borrow a camper this year
    chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:50:12 PM): a lady my mom works with
    breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:50:24 PM): Wow, I am so jealous.
    chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:50:27 PM): her and her husband bought a brand new pop up
    chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:50:57 PM): she told my mom they wont use it alot, and we could borrow it anytime they are not using it
    breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:51:16 PM): That is really neat for you.
    chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:51:23 PM): yes it is
    chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:52:02 PM): now I just need to find a gf to bring camping with us
    breeisme93 (05/16/08 10:52:14 PM): well she will be lucky for sure.
    chaznd74 (05/16/08 10:52:46 PM): yes but it seems not many women I meet want to be that lucky gal
    Gee, I wonder why.

    Charles Harold Lippert was arrested in the summer of 2008 as part of IF work in North Dakota. He was charged with luring a minor by computer or other electronic means. He received a sentence of one year house arrest, four years supervised probation, fines, and lifetime registration as a sex offender.

    Contributor notes from La Victoria
    I have talked with dozens of very bad people while volunteering for Perverted Justice. Charles is one pedophile I will never forget. While the chat speaks for itself I will summarize the key points. 1. He wanted to have oral sex with a 15 year old child. 2. He planned to rape this child while on a camping trip with his daughter. 3. He bought a ring for the decoy in order to manipulate her into having sex. 4. He drove over four hours, from one side of the state to the other to meet a 15 year old child with the intention of having sex with her. Distance is not an issue for these people.

    This predator chatted with with ease and was totally dedicated to raping a child. He knew what to say and when to say it and when he saw the opportunity to get what he wanted he took it without hesitation. He revealed his true nature, and for that he will be a lifelong Registered Sex Offender. After one year house arrest and four years supervised probation only his RSO status will stand between this scum and your children.

    Please, pay attention to what your children do online. People like Charles are out there and are determined to harm your children. Check for registered sex offenders in your area and remain vigilant.

    I would like to thank the Dickinson Police Department for all their help and time. I'd like to say a special thank you to Det. Todd Ehresmann, who was professional and vigilant.

    I would like to thank Elocin, who was my verifier and was new to verifying when I asked her to do this. She was professional and wonderful to work with. I could not have done this without her.

    I would also like to the Content Creators for all their hard work. If you read this chat, pay attention to the fact that Charles read my myspace several times. It is the hard work of the Content Creators that make our \"kids\" real. The verifiers give a voice, the Content Creators give our \"kids\" persona.

    This is our 478th conviction since June of 2004, our 173rd conviction for 2009, and our 5th conviction in North Dakota thus far.