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    File originally posted on 11/5/2009 9:21 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 11/5/2009 9:21 PM PST

    kuzzoo61 (10/09/08 8:52:43 PM): is it that bad there
    cosmic.nothingness (10/09/08 8:52:51 PM): well she doesn't like hit me or anything
    cosmic.nothingness (10/09/08 8:52:58 PM): she just doesn't really want me
    kuzzoo61 (10/09/08 8:53:13 PM): no one else to go to
    cosmic.nothingness (10/09/08 8:53:45 PM): no she's my only family left
    kuzzoo61 (10/09/08 8:54:03 PM): ok i will be family
    cosmic.nothingness (10/09/08 8:54:10 PM): yes :)
    cosmic.nothingness (10/09/08 8:54:21 PM): i have to go now before i get in trouble and can't chat k?
    cosmic.nothingness (10/09/08 8:54:24 PM): i'll see u tomorrow!
    kuzzoo61 (10/09/08 8:54:31 PM): u will be my wife
    cosmic.nothingness (10/09/08 8:54:35 PM): yay!
    kuzzoo61 (10/09/08 8:54:46 PM): ok
    kuzzoo61 (10/09/08 8:55:05 PM): we will do this and make it happen
    cosmic.nothingness (10/09/08 8:55:14 PM): yes and it will be great!
    kuzzoo61 (10/09/08 8:55:28 PM): shannon
    cosmic.nothingness (10/09/08 8:55:35 PM): yes?
    kuzzoo61 (10/09/08 8:56:12 PM): WILL YOU BE MY WIFE AND MARRY ME
    cosmic.nothingness (10/09/08 8:56:20 PM): yes!
    cosmic.nothingness (10/09/08 8:56:23 PM): omg yes!
    kuzzoo61 (10/09/08 8:56:41 PM): ok then its settled
    cosmic.nothingness (10/09/08 8:56:48 PM): :)
    cosmic.nothingness (10/09/08 8:57:01 PM): i'm so happy!
    cosmic.nothingness (10/09/08 8:57:10 PM): but now i gotta go :( i will see u tomorrow?
    kuzzoo61 (10/09/08 8:57:11 PM): i hope so
    kuzzoo61 (10/09/08 8:57:27 PM): dont want to do anything to hurt you
    cosmic.nothingness (10/09/08 8:57:37 PM): nite :)
    kuzzoo61 (10/09/08 8:57:55 PM): bye honey,love you wife
    This is disturbing and sick on its own, but when you take into consideration that Paul Rudisel showed to the bust house with potential murder tools... it becomes outright terrifying.

    This case is a classic example of how plea agreements sometimes let people down. Paul Charles Rudisel deserved a harsher sentence than he received and he would have received it if plea agreements weren't so appealing to the system. All the same, we hope to get his name out there so people know just how evil this man truly is.

    Contributor notes from Maxwell House
    Folks, meet Paul Rudisel. Paul is married with eight children, ranging in age from 9 to 27. He also has two granddaughters. You'd think that would be enough to keep him busy, but he still found time to solicit what he thought was a 14 year old girl for sex. He started out the chat by telling me he wasn't a dirty old man, but quickly proved himself to be a liar.

    Paul showed up to meet \"Shannon\" at our Grand Rapids, MI sting. He drove down from Traverse City, MI to pick \"Shannon\" up and take her away forever. His plan was to go to Kentucky and live in a cabin in the Red River Gorge where no one could find them. He showed up at the house with his trunk cleaned out except for a sheet and a knife. Sadly, had Shannon been a real child, I doubt she'd have been seen again.

    For his efforts, Paul received 1-20 years in the Michigan Dept. of Corrections. In a bizarre application of judicial discretion, Paul was not ordered to register as a sex offender. While that saddens me, at least I know that his conviction and chat log are posted here so the public can see what lives amongst them.

    I'd like to thank, once again, those with the Michigan Attorney General's Office who made this arrest and conviction possible.

    This is our 390th conviction since June of 2004, our 86th conviction for 2009, and our 36th conviction in Michigan thus far.