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    File originally posted on 5/19/2015 1:10 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 5/19/2015 1:10 PM PST

    georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:43:00 PM): ok...but you are not taking the pill right?
    er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:43:15 PM): No I'm not
    georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:43:24 PM): ok...your age again?
    er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:43:49 PM): 14...
    georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:44:02 PM): ok...can I ask what age your periods started?
    er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:44:27 PM): Um I got it last year..
    georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:44:36 PM): ok so about a year ago...
    georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:44:52 PM): are they fairly regular?
    georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:45:24 PM): I work around doctors all the time...not a doctor but know a lot
    er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:45:52 PM): Ooh ok.
    er1ca_leah_cx (03/18/14 9:45:58 PM): Yea I get it every month?
    georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:46:09 PM): ok are you interested in going on the pill?
    georgiamike1968 (03/18/14 9:46:26 PM): I may be able to help get you on it w/o your mom knowing if that is an issue

    He probably could have, being at the time... the chief executive officer of the southern region of Tenet Healthcare. Fortunately, that is no longer the case.

    Michael Graue was arrested in Hartford, Alabama. He drove over 200 miles from Kennesaw, Georgia in order to throw away his lucrative career, reputation and ultimately, freedom in order to try to have sex with what he thought was a fourteen year old female.

    He thought he took every precaution, but unfortunately for Graue, while birth control pills would have prevented nine months of inconvenience, they don't prevent having to plead guilty to felony electronic solicitation of a child and they don't stop a judge from sentencing you to six years in jail.

    Further details here: http://www.dothaneagle.com/news/crime_court/two-men-plead-guilty-to-child-solicitation/article_1c8f211a-ad8a-11e4-acfe-df2821937afc.html

    This is our 589th conviction since June of 2004.